October 4th 2012

Hi Everyone

It has been a while since I've written an update, but I promise I have been working away behind the scenes.

Comic Reviews : I have been keeping up-to-date with Dick's appearances in New 52. Believe it or not, the only one I'm behind on is Dick's solo book. Otherwise, I have reviewed all of his appearances up to the Zero issues in October 2012.

Dick's Fundamental Timeline : I have been adding to this... particularly in the 15 and 16 years section. You can find the timeline by clicking on the Biography link in the menu at the top of this page and thenclicking on the Timeline link.

Versions of Dick Grayson : I have be fascinated by the different versions of Dick that appear in DC. At the moment, I have identified 62 different characters that could conceivably be considered a version of Dick. Some a very common - Eg. Earth 2 Robin or Kindom Come Red Robin. Some share Dick's name, but very little of his personality. Some don't share his name but share his history, personality and place in the Batverse. If you are interested in checking out some versions of Dick, click on the Biography link in the menu at the top of this page and then click on the Multiverse link.

Thank you to those who have sent support.

Kind regards
April 15th 2012

Hi Everyone

I've been back on the Cancer Carousel since last Novemember. However, things have settled again and I've had a chance to work on my site.

Fundamental Timeline - My latest project is to create a fundamental timeline for Dick. You will find it in the Biography section.

New and Articles - I have created a page for news and articles relating to Dick. You will find it in the "Miscellaneous" section.

New Comics - I have posted my summary and review of "Batwing" #6, #7, #8, which Dick appears in. Also, "Batman" #5 and #7 and of course, the latest issues of "Nightwing".

Upcoming Dick appearances - Keep your eye out for "Batman and Robin" #10 and "Batwing" #11 in which Dick should appear.

New Dick Grayson Statue - The latest addition to the "Batman: Black and White" collection depicts Dick free falling from a skeyscraper in Gotham. The state is designed by Jock and looks fantastic. I already have mine ordered. :) See picture below.

Dick's TV appearances - I have updated the TV appearances page, adding the "Scooby Doo Movies", two more episodes of the 60s TV series and five episodes of "The Batman" 2004 animated series. You will find them in the TV appearances section.

Fanfiction - Nil. I've been focused on my site and writing is difficult when life is throwing you a curve ball.

Kind regards
October 23rd 2011

Hi Everyone

Fanficton - In the last two months I've written three new stories. They are posted in the fanfiction section.

New Nigthwing Comic - I have posted my summary and reveiw of issue two.

New Comics - Dick appears in "Batman" #2, and "Batman and Robin" #2. I have reviewed both.

Old Comics - I have reviewed Dick's role in a number of titles including "Bruce Wayne: Road Home", "Beast Boy Mini series", "Two Face Strikes Twice", Batman/Superman/Wonderman Trinity", Batman: Turning Points", "The Batman of Arkham", "Batman Nine Lives", "Dark Knight of the Roundtable", "Batman and the Outsiders 2011" and "Batman and the Outsiders 2007".

Kind Regards
October 2nd 2011

Hi everyone

After two weeks on holidays I have added and updated a number of sections on my page.

* Biography - At the moment it is under construction. I have started work on two areas... Origin Stories and Key Relationships. In the Key Relationships I have completed the section on John and Mary Grayson and the section on the Original Titans.

* New 52 - I have added and reviewed the issues of the new 52 that Dick appears in... including "Batman", "Nigthwing" and "Batman and Robin". Dick is mentioned in "Redhood and the Outlaws" but I'm yet to do this one. Just go to the "Comic" link in the menu above, go to "Alphabetical" and then select the titles.

* John and Mary Grayson - I have created an illustrated chronological list of their appearances.

* I have completed documenting Dick's appearances in "Batman Annuals" and started documenting his appearancing in "Batman 1940).

All the best


August 27th 2011

Hi everyone

I have been working on uploading all of my fanfiction and I believe... touch wood... everything is now up. :)

All the best


August 14th 2011

Hi everyone

With the announcement of DC's reboot, I have redesigned the title image and layout of this site. I'm sure you are as releaved as I am that Dick retained his existance in the universe with so many of our favourites disappearing.

It will be sad to bid farewell to an era that saw Dick appearing in multiple books each month. We can only hope that Kyle Higgins does the character justice and that the new artists will draw him realistically... though the new cover has me a bit worried. Is it me, or is his head too small? I was hoping the red eyes was a mistake but when I enlarged the second cover, the eyes are red too. Also, have you noticed that the red section of his costume dips down to his navel. The blue only covered his upper chest. I hope this new costume grows on me.

The "Batman Live" Show has opened to rave reviews in Manchester. At this point in time it will be travelling to the US in 2012 but not to Australia. Down Under fans have missed out again. Looks like we will have to to travel to see the show. The storyline is centred on Dick so it is a must for all Dick Grayson fans. All the best

May 2nd 2011

Hi everyone

Sorry things went quiet for a while. It appears that when you win one battle with Cancer another presents itself.

Recently I have added more reviews of issues. Just go to 'Appearances' - 'Comic Book' - 'Alphabetical' to see the new additions. This project is going to take years, but I'm having fun. If you know of any issues I have missed, please let me know.



Dec 24th 2010

I have been beavering away.

(a) I have removed the chronological list as it was incomplete. I'll work on that later.

(b) I have been working on the one-off issues. Just go to 'Appearances' - 'Comic Book' - 'Alphabetical' to see the new additions.

(c) I have also added a 'TV Appearances' page. At the moment I'm working through the old 1966 TV series. Twelve episodes are up (summary, screen grabs and video grabs). You can check them out by going to 'Appearances' - 'TV Appearances' and then clicking on the image of the 1966 series.

(d) I have added most of my fanfiction. Still a few stories to go. (g)

(e) I have compiled a list of Dick's appearances in 2010 (a few are for early 2011). See below. He has been a busy boy. If you know of any other issues he's appeared in, please let me know. Thanks

Dick’s appearances in 2010... and into 2011

Arkham Reborn – 2, 3

Azrael – 4, 14

Batgirl – 5, 6, 7, 11,15

Batman – 693 – 700, 702, 703, 704, 705

Batman 80 page Giant

Batman Annual

Batman Inc - 2

Batman and Robin – 6 to 18

Batman Beyond – 3 to 6

Batman Odyssey – 1 to 5

Batman: Orphans 1 and 2

Batman – The Return of Bruce Wayne – 3 and 6

Batman – The Return

Batman : The Streets of Gotham – 6 to 15, 17 (mentioned)

Booster Gold – 26, 33

Bruce Wayne: The Road Home – Batgirl, Red Robin (mentioned), Oracle (Mentioned), Batman and Robin

DC Holiday Special ‘09

DCU: Legacies – 4, 5, 7

DCU: Halloween Special 2010

Detective Comics – 864 to 871

Detective Comics Annual

Gotham City Sirens – 6, 7, 16

Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive?

Green Arrow – 32

Green Arrow/Black Canary 26

Justice League of America – 41 to 51

Justice League: Generation Lost – 1, 2 4, 10, 14

Justice League: The Rise and Fall Special

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal

Justice Society of America – 41, 42, 43

Nemesis: The Imposters – 1 to 4

The Outsiders – 24

Power Girl – 13, 16, 17, 19

Red Hood: The Lost Days – 1 (mentioned)

Red Robin – 11 to 15, 17 (Mentioned)

Superman – 700, 702, 703

Superman 80 page Giant

Superman/Batman – 75,76,77

Teen Titans - 77, 78, 88, 89

Titans – 21, 22 (Statue), 23, 28, 29

World’s Finest - 3, 4

Young Justice ... coming in 2011

Plus Tiny Titans but I’m really not into them.

October 15th 2010

Things are moving along slowly.

(a) I have added small scans of Dick's role to all of his appearances in comics starting with 'A'. The scans are too small to read but are provided so you can see the scope of his role.

(b) I have started writing again. I hope to transfer all of my fanfiction over to this site this weekend.

(c) Here is a list of Dick's appearances in the last few months. Please, please, please, let me know if I'm missing something. Please note that this list is taken from the comicbook database site (A fanstastic site and I encourage you to drop in an have a look around) and I have provided links to individual issues listed on this site.

August 2010:
Batgirl (2009) #11 - 'Batgirl Rising - The Flood, Part Three of Four'
Batman (1940) #700 - 'Time and the Batman'
Batman (1940) #700 (Second Printing) - 'Time and the Batman'
Batman and Robin (2009) #13 - 'The Garden of Death'
Batman Legends (2007) #37
Batman: Streets of Gotham (2009) #13
Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne (2010) #3 - 'The Bones of Bristol Bay'
Booster Gold (2007) #33 - 'Past Imperfect!'
Detective Comics (1937) #866 - 'The Medallion'
Justice League of America (2006) #46 - 'The Dark Things/Cogs, Part 1'
Justice League of America (2006) #46 (Manapul Variant)
Justice League: Generation Lost (2010) #4 - 'The Rocket's Red Glare'
Nemesis: The Impostors (2010) #4 - 'Here We Go'
Power Girl (2009) #13 - '...What a Difference a Day Makes!'
Red Robin (2009) #13 - 'The Hit List - Part One: The Domino Effect'
Superman (1939) #700

September 2010:
Batman: Streets of Gotham (2009) #14
Detective Comics (1937) #867 - 'Impostors, Part One: Laugh and the World Laughs with You'
Justice League of America (2006) #47 - 'The Dark Things, Part Three/Cogs, Part 2'
Justice League of America (2006) #47 (Garner Cover)
Justice Society of America (2007) #41 - 'The Dark Things, Part Two'
Red Robin (2009) #14 - 'The Hit List Part Two: The Devil You Know'

Batman: Odyssey (2010) # 1

Tiny Titans (2008) # 30

October 2010:
Batman and Robin (2009) #14 - 'The Triumph of Death'
Batman: Streets of Gotham (2009) #15
Detective Comics (1937) #868 - 'Impostors, Part Two: The (s)Laughter of Fools'
Justice League of America (2006) #48 - 'The Dark Things, Part Five/Cogs, Part 3'
Justice League of America (2006) #48 (White Lantern Variant)
Justice Society of America (2007) #42 - 'The Dark Things, Part Four'
Red Robin (2009) #15 - 'The Hit List, Part 3: Secret Identity Crisis'
Superman (1939) #702 - 'Grounded, Part Two'
Superman/Batman (2003) #75

DCU: Legacies (2010) # 4

Batman: Odyssey (2010) # 2

November 2010:
Batman (1940) #703 - 'The Great Escape'
Detective Comics (1937) #869 - 'Impostors, Part Three: Laughter Out of Dead Bellies'
Gotham City Sirens (2009) #16 - 'Beginning Again'
Justice League of America (2006) #49 - 'The Bogeyman'  (Robin)
Justice League: Generation Lost (2010) #10 - 'The More You See, the Less You Will Know'
Power Girl (2009) #16 - 'Snow Job, Part One'
Superman (1939) #703 - 'Grounded, Part Three'
Superman/Batman (2003) #76 - 'The Brave and the Bold'

Batman Odyssey  (2010) # 3

Tiny Titans (2008) # 32

DCU:  Legacies #5 (Nigthtwing)  (Robin)

December 2010:
Bruce Wayne: The Road Home: Batgirl (2010) #1

Batman Odyssey (2010)  #4

Thank you.

October 2nd 2010

I have purchased copies of many of the comics I believed to have Dick in them. I was disappointed to discover that some didn't. I am now working thorugh my list and verifying Dick's appearance. I have completed verification of my list of issues in the following titles, "Action Comics, Action Comics Annual, Action Comics Weekly, Adventrues in DC Universe, Adventures of Superman, All Star: Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder."

Please contact me if you know of any other issues Dick is supposed to have appeared in, in these titles, even if you are unsure. I'll see if I can get my hands on a copy and verify this information.



September 11th 2010

Welcome to my new Dick Grayson site. It is far from finished, but I do have some pages up. At the moment, I have things on the Digital Comic, Friends and Appearances pages.

Alphabetical List - I am working my way through the A's. (g)

I'd love to hear from other Dick Grayson fans... particularly if you spot an issue appearance I am missing.