YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

# Bruce is killed and Dick returns to Gotham.

# Battle for the Cowl

# Dick takes on role of Batman, gives Damian role of Robin forcing Tim to find his own identity - Red Robin.

# Deepening of brotherly relationship between Tim and Dick.

# Dick leads the JLA

# Lian dies and Roy turns his back on his friends.

# Dick defeats Two-Face putting to rest what happened when he was a child.

# Damian develops love and respect for Dick as his brother, partner and mentor.
# Dick leads JLA
# Dick faces various foes as part of his time as Batman
# Blackest Night storyline
# Booster Gold appears and then goes back in time to save Dick and reminds Dick of the 'train Damian' line. "Booster Gold 21 to 24
# Bruce returns but Dick remains as Batman due to Batman Incorporated experiment.