YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

# Dick travels to England to find Alfred.

# Alfred reveals connection between Graysons and Crown Prince of Kravia

# Dick marries Emily Clair Wasburn - believing her to be a black widow

# Contagion and Legacy story arcs

Year 19: Event ? - Sent to Bludhaven to solve mystery of 21 dead hoods.

When 21 dead hoods wash up in Gotham Harbor from Bludhaven south of Gotham, Batman asks Nightwing to investigate. The 21 men are members of the Angel Marin Gang each dying of a broken neck. Thus begins a new major chapter in Dick's life.

Dick's description of Bludhaven: "Bludhaven. A short car ride down the coast from Gotham. But it seems a century away. As bad as Gotham is, Bludhaven's worse in a lot of ways. If it's too coarse or too file or too awful for Gotham, it winds up here... Hard to believe this place started as a whaling town... Nobody wants what Bludhave has to offer anymore. Nobody decent anyway."

This is a great move. Bludhaven is only a short car ride from Gotham which makes Dick close enough to pop back to Gotham to visit family and to work with the Bat-team. Upon arriving, Dick rescues a girl from some thugs and gives her his return ticket back to Gotham having already decided he will be in Bludhaven a while. (Interesting that he didn't ride down on his bike.)

# "Nightwing" #1 Oct 96 and "Nightwing Secret Files and Origins" #1 Oct 99.
Year 19: Event ? - Investigates Freddy Minh and Encounters Black Mask's False Facers

Dick begins his investigation into the deaths of Angel Marin's hoods by identifying his prime suspect - Freddy Minh: 'alleged' vicelord of the Asian mobs and no stranger to mass murder. When Nightwing arrives at Minh's place he discovers a firefight between Minh and some of Black Mask's Flase Facers. The False Facers' appear to kidnapp the Minh children in a fridge and Nightwing pursues to rescue them. To his surprise the 'kids' are a dozen in vitro fertilizaton eggs which the False Facers intend using as leverage to convince Minh to give Black Mask a piece of his Heroin trade. Nightwing ends up handcuffed to the fridge and tossed into harbor, but manages to keep his hand on the case of eggs. Once he frees himself he goes in search of the law in Bludhaven.


# "Nightwing" #1 Oct 96.
Year 19: Event ? - Ponytail cut off

While saving the Minh 'babies' Foxy - one of Black Mask's False Facers - cuts off Dick's pony tail.

Yayyyyyyy! I hated that ponytail.

# "Nightwing" #1 Oct 96
Year 19: Event ? - Meets Chief Redhorn and Inspector Dudley Soames

When Nightwing takes the Minh eggs to Chief Redhorn for safe keeping, he is hoping to strike up a working relationship like the one Batman has with Jim Gordon. While Redhorn appears to welcome him, he slaps cuffs on the vigilante. For a moment Dick thinks he has been arrested. Rather, Redhorn hands Nightiwng over Inspector Dudley Soames to kill.

However, Soames sees things differently to Redhorn and believes Nightwing could be useful... handling things in Bludhaven that the law can't. So, Nightwing and Soames strike up an uneasy partnership.

It is good to see this isn't going to be a carbon copy of Gotham. Dick doesn't have a Gordon whom he can trust. All he has is Soames and you can see from the beginning, this is a bad guy. Thankfully Dick is on to him from the start.

# "Nightwing" #1 Oct 96.
Year 19: Event ? - Rents Apartment

Realizing he is going to be in town a while, Dick decides to rent an apartment in the Melville section of town. He takes apartment 3B on the third floor of 1013 Parkthorne Avenue. This is far from a new building, but it is amongst good people. Unlike Bruce, who profers his privacy, Dick likes to live in the middle of the place he is working.

No cave and he certainly doesn't have a lot of resources, but Oracle makes up for this. Afterall, we know she keeps a special eye on him. :)


# "Nightwing" #1 Oct 96, "Nightwing Secret Files and Origins" #1 Oct 99 and "Batman - Gotham City Secret Files & Origins"

Year 19: Event ? - Meets Clancy

Dick finally meets Clancy face to face. He is surprised that his landlady with the sexy Irish accent is of Asian descent. Clancy very much likes what she sees in Mr Grayson and over the next few months spends considerable time flirting with Dick in the hope of a serious relationship.

Clancy is a good, strong, female character.

# "Nightwing" #6 1997

YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

# First encounters Blockbuster.

# First encounters Lady Vic

# Tim visits

# Soames hires Scarecrow to 'take care' of Nightwing.

# Soames neck broken and with Batman at his side, he takes down Blockbuster.

# Creates his own car.

# Goes on holiday with Wally (Flash Plus)

Year 19: Event ? - Visit from Donna

Donna visits Dick to catch up and to check up on him. They go for a ride on his bike, have a heart to heart, are attacked by a bike-jaker, Dick gets to show off, they talk about how important they are to each other - Roy, Wally, Tim and Garth as well - and then Donna gets around to checking up on Dick's love life, his relationship with Bruce and whether or not he's getting enough sleep.

Another example of how much the original Titans mean to Dick and he to them. I just love the relationship between Donna and Dick. Without a doubt, this is one of my favourite stories. It is the first story Devin Grayson wrote for DC. She has an amazing understanding of the closeness between the original Titans. This story is an absolute must-buy for any Dick Grayson fan!

# "Batman Chronicles" #7, 1997
Year 19: Event ? - Saves Batman - Bloodborne

When Batman disappears Alfred calls Dick in. Nightwing races to the Arctic Circle and finds Batman near death... dying of a deadly virus. Nightwing tracks down the scientist who made the virus only to be double-crossed and ultimately to discover that there is no cure... only a vaccine. Risking his life, Dick insists on being given the vaccine - knowing it is the only hope Bruce has. He contracts the virus but is able to give Bruce a transfusion. As the transfuion ends, he finds himself under attack. Weak and ill, Nightwing fights off his attackers, only to succumb to the illness just as a very recognisable shadow falls over him. He later wakes up in the Batcave with his family around him... and Batman offers his hand, thanking his son for saving his life.

A wonderful story showing Dick's determination and love for his father. Sadly, this comic has the ugliest art I've ever seen. The drawings are grotesque and unrecognisable. There are no facial expressions, the figures are deformed and all action scenes show little more than stick figures.

# "Bloodborne"
Year 19: Event ? - Teams with Supergirl to stop smuggling ring

Nightwing teams up with Supergirl to stop a smuggling ring. It is an equal teaming, the pair working together well. When Supergirl arrives, a thug aims a cannnon at her and Dick intervenes. His thoughts...

"She's probably take being hit by a cannon, but I have a thing about men hitting woman. I'm old-fashioned that way."

That's our boy.

And another girl falls for the Grayson charm. (wink).

# "Batman Chronicles" #20

# Battles Deathstroke.

# Battles Bane - "Bane"

# Dick becomes police officer

# Earthquake in Gotham

# Day of Judgement (Day of Judgement)

# Dick and Tim hanging out and Dick refers to Tim as his little brother "Secret Origins 80 page giant.

# Nite-Wing appears

# Assists caputuring giant apes. (Bat Annual 23)

# Superman - Back in Action (from Action Comics 841-843)

# Superman visits Bludhaven (Action Comics 771)

# Brotherhood of the fist

# Nightwing Huntress storyline

# Nightwing 1 000 000

# Huntress in Bludhaven

# Reunites with Titans to save Cyborg and new Titan team formed

# Bruce Adopts Dick

# Hugo Strange -Bruce programs himself to loose his memory.

# Attends Garth's Wedding (Aqu 60)

# Dick beats the Joker to the point of death believing the madman has killed Tim

# Bruce charged with murder and finally cleared

# Death of Donna

# Return of Jason Todd

# Takes on Harly Quinn when she impersonates Batgirl (HarlyQuinn)

# Attends Green Arrow and Canary Wedding (Green Arrow/Black Canary)

# Christmas Eve with Tim (DCU Holiday Specia)