Year 18: Event ? - Gives Donna Away at her Wedding.

Donna's big day arrives and all of her friends and family collect for her wedding. The bond between Donna and Dick is so strong, each professing their platonic love for the other. Dick gives his 'sister' away to Terry Long.

A beautiful moment that is perfectly scripted by Wolfman and perfectly drawn by Perez. Oh how I miss this team writing Dick. This cements the amazing bond between Dick and Donna. Their love for each other is absolute but is purely platonic.

# "Tales of the Teen Titans" #50, 1985.
Year 18: Event ? - Dick Asks Bruce why he never adopted him.

At Donna's wedding, Dick finally asks the question that has been gnawing at him since Bruce adopted Jason - "Why didn't you adopt me?" Bruce's response is honest - he was too caught up in his own life. However, he does say he couldn't have loved a son more and that he is proud of Dick.

It has been a long time coming, but finally we have an answer for a question many have been asking for years. Wolfman also breaks the drought and has Bruce use the 'L' word. Bruce does love Dick as a son and he is proud of him. It is a wonderful moment where father and son move to the next level in their relationship - mutual respect.

# "Tales of the Teen Titans" #50, 1985.
YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* Barbara shot and crippled while Dick is on Tamaran "Nigthtwing Annual 2

* Brother Blood Round Two - New Teen Titans Vol 2 29 to 31

* Jason killed

* Dick finds out Zucco alive.

* Tim tracks Dick down and becomes new Robin

* Tians Hunt - Wildebeest kills - New costume.

# Dick shadows Tim to make sure he is the right partner for Bruce (Bat 80page)

* Shadow of the Bat #1 to 4 The Last Arkham

* Almost marries Starfire

* Disappears for several months on a journey of self-discovery.

* Bruce's back broken... See NW Secret Origins and Files.

# Dick fills in for Bruce as Batman and he and Tim become closer than ever.

# Faces Two FAce and puts some demons to rest.

# Bruce returns as Batman and Dick to Nightwing

# Eclipso: Darkness within (