Year 17: Event ? - Dick sheds his Robin Identity

Dick finally reaches a crossroads. He is spending all of his time with his adolescent firends in New York and having a ball leading the Titans. There he is treated like an equal, something Batman was uable to do. Due to the amount of time spent away, and following his 'sacking' by Batman, he has drifted away from both Batman and Bruce... as father and sons do during the son's adolescence. Dick realizes he has outgrown being Batman's sidekick. He is a hero in his own right and leader of the Teen Titans. The Robin identity belongs at Batman's side as a sidekick but Dick is no longer this person.

Batman, too, reaches these conclusions and gives Dick an ultimatum - if he isn't going to work with Batman on a full-time basis, he can no longer be Robin. At the time, Dick feels betrayed and rejected, even though he was reaching the same conclusion. In time, Dick realizes Bruce pushed him away to make it easier on both of them. Bruce finds it difficult to deal with rejection and so rejected Dick before he can completely 'reject' his father. Thus, the time arrives for Dick to shed his childhood and find his own identity and place in the world. At this stage he doesn't know what that will be.

There are many stories telling why Dick shed his Robin identity, a different one for each reboot by DC. For me, the one that makes the most sense is that it occured as part of a natural progression... the circle of life. Dick grew up, he and Batman drifted apart as Dick spent more time with the Titans and finally steps out to make his own way in the world. Bruce, unable to deal with being 'left alone', attacks and repels all borders.

I should probably point out that Chuck Dixon's six part "Nightwing Year One" was the latest revision of this event before "New 52" and that has Bruce yelling the words 'you're fired'. That just doesn't sit well with me.

In "New Teen Titans" #39 when Dick literally sheds his Robin costume, he actually comments that he hopes the new wearer of the costume won't abuse it as much as he did. In other words, Dick either knows there will be a replacement in the future, or it is his hope that Batman will take on a new partner so Bruce doesn't have to work alone. In other words, Diuck saw this as part of the circle of life.

# "Nightwing Secret Origins" 1999, and "New Teen Titans" #39.
Year 17: Event ? - Decides on a new name

Feeling lost, Dick seeks out someone he trusts and respects. He goes to Clark who tells him a story of a young man from his own world who sort justice for the weak. This hero was called Nightwing. Dick relates to the story and thus takes on this name for his new identity.

This tale is told twice... first in "Secret Origins" (1999) and then in "Nightwing Year One" (2005). Both are written by Chuck Dixon, though he changes things slightly in the second to reflect the fact that Bruce 'fired' Dick. The first one makes no mention of this and thus it is this version I have selected for the timeline.

# "Nightwing Secret Origins" 1999.
Year 17: Event ? - Helps Roy find Lian

Roy asks Dick to assist the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation). Dick offers to bring in the Titans but Roy only wants Dick because the mission is to stop an assassin and that assassin is Cheshire - the mother of Roy's daugther, Lian. Dick agrees and accompanies Roy to Ireland, but quickly suspects there is more going on. This is confirmed when he discovers Roy no longer works for the CBI. In the end, Dick backs his friend, captures Cheshire and places Lian in her father's arms.


Another example of the loyalty Dick shows to his friends.

# "Action Comics Weekly" #613 to #618, 1988.
Year 17: Event ? - Returns to Ireland to assist Speedy

Dick returns to Ireland to meet with Roy who has taken six months off to get his life in order. The pair stumble into a conspiracy that leads back to the reason Roy was sacked from the CBI. In the end, Nigthwing and Speedy find justice for those involved.

Ties up the loose ends from the previous story and we get to see how much Roy trusts and appreciates Dick.

# "Action Comics Weekly" #627 to #634, 1988.
YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* Brother Blood

* Intro Jason

* Nightwing debuts. Costume based on that of his father's but without yellow. Judas Contract

Barbara gets engaged to Jason Bard

Nightwing introduces himself to Commissioner Gordon and works with Batgirl "Nigthwing Year ONe

Jason's guantlet "Nigthwing Year ONe"

Alfred had Jason drop off new costume ... with yellow "Nightwing Year One

Helps Roy secure Lian (Rocks and Hard Place and Cheshire Contract (Action Comics Weekly)

Wrath child - BAtman confidential 13 to 16

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Adventures of Superman Annual 4)