This is a huge year for Dick as he starts his solo career in earnest, the original Teen Titans dispand and then reform as the New Teen Titans. For this reason, Year 16 will span several pages.
PAGE 1 - Before New Teen Titans Formed
PAGE 2 - After New Teen Titans Formed

Year 16: Event ? - Loses his virginity

Now 16, his hormones charging, Dick is of an age where he instinctively begins to butt heads with the senior male in his life - Bruce. He is feeling restless and is beginning to reject Bruce’s demands for absolute obedience. After Robin is beaten, Batman steps in and dresses him down. Dick explodes pointing out he is more than capable and leader of the Teen Titans. Batman dismisses this. Enraged, Dick walks out, demanding his emancipation. Both father and son are struggling to adjust to the fact the boy is gradually becoming a man.

Over the two-week Easter break he heads off to be on his own… something Bruce views as running away.

It is during this time that Dick investigates life without a billionaire father. He takes a job, meets a woman called Liu and ultimately loses his virginity to this older woman. Head over heels in love, he joins a gang run by a thug called Eddie just to be near Liu. It doesn’t take long for Dick to realize he is being used. When he discovers that Liu is actually Eddie’s girl and that she is only sleeping with him to get what Eddie wants - the key to robbing Wayne Tech – he is devastated.

Dick returns home to warn Bruce. There are a few tense moments between the two…”I can’t believe you ran away…” but in the end, Batman acknowledges what Dick has found out and agrees to Dick’s plan… to allow Eddie and Liu to break in so they can discover the flaws in Bruce’s security.

Robin takes Eddie and Liu down and returns home, demanding Bruce treat him as an equal. Batman refuses, (Dick is still only sixteen) but agrees to start treating him more like an adult. Thus, father and son begin the age old rocky road toward redefining their relationship.

I had to massage this story a little to make it work. The comic states that it happens in the Summer -a few months before Dick’s birthday. I have placed Dick’s birthday in March so you need to ignore that reference. :) Also, I needed to shift this incident to the Easter school holiday break rather than the summer break. Dick does run away in the story… I’ve changed it so that he merely was spending the Easter break away to test the waters. According to the story, four days after discovering Liu's betrayal, the Teen Titans disbanded. This does not fit my timeline. The Titans disbanding needs to happen later this year.

This event is another important marker because for the first time, we see Dick truly attempting to step out of Bruce’s shadow. The hormones are charging and the young bull is looking to be seen as an equal. All of this is a normal part of growing up.

I should mention that Dick actually believes that the betrayal by Liu is the reason why he continues to ruin all of his serious relationships with women.

# "Nightwing" #134 & 135

Year 16: Event ? - Batman poisoned and almost dies

When Batman is attacked by dogs with poisoned fangs, he is rushed to hospital and lies near death. There is no hope without an antidote but as there is no clue to who poisoned him, things appear hopeless. Dick races to Bruce's side and all of the silly arguments they have had of late seem insignificant. Despite the doctor's dire diagnosis, Robin refuses to accept Batman is going to die.

Amazingly, Batman is able to use the EEG machine monitoring his brainwaves to send Robin a Morse Code message – Contact Deadman. Robin knows it will take him days to track down Deadman but Deadman has been drawn to the hospital room because Bruce is closer to death than life.

When Bruce goes into cardiac arrest and is technically dead, Dick goes into shock. Thankfully, Deadman and the doctor combine to bring Bruce back. Deadman than takes over Robin and injects Batman with a massive dose of adrenaline. Batman dashes off find the antidote much to Dick’s relief.

Almost losing Bruce really puts things into perspective and both Dick and Bruce hose down the testosterone. Things between them calm and they enjoy some really good months mindful of how much the other means to them.

# "Detective Comics" #500

Year 16: Event ? - Injured in explosion when attempting to rescue Batman

When Batman disappears, Robin teams with Superman to find him. They confront the man who has kidnapped Batman and buried him alive. However, the kidnapper has explosives strapped around him. He is startled during the confrontation and slips off the edge of the building. The explosives go off and Robin is badly injured trying to save the man before Superman can protect the teenager. Superman rushes Robin to hospital where he fights for life. His lungs have collapsed but he has a chance because Superman was able to get him to hospital so quickly. Superman leaves feeling responsible, but he is able to locate the place where Batman is buried. Naturally, Batman has already freed himself. Dick recovers quickly.

I can't help thinking Batman must have been unimpressed when Superman told him Robin was injured. :) I placed this event here, even though I think it probably happened later this year. Why here then? Because the second half of Dick's year is very crowded. :)

This confirms Dick and Bruce's determination to look beyond their father son struggle, each realizing how quickly life can change. Everything has truly been brought into perspective. Thus, the pair ease up on each other and Dick obediently goes to University even though he hadn't worked out what he wanted from life.

# "World's Finest" #269      

Year 16: Event ? - Graduates from Highschool

Three months after turning sixteen, Dick graduates from Highschool. The rest of the world believes him to be much older. This deception has helped to keep his Robin identity a secret. A very proud Bruce and Alfred attend the ceremony.

Here we again see a reminder that Bruce and Dick were not always estranged and that raising Dick did humanise Bruce.

With the end of highschool, Dick spends three months at the Manor before moving to New York to attend Hudson University. Life changes dramatically for Dick because for the first time, he truly has a solo career as Robin.

# "Untold Legend of the Batman" #2

Year 16: Event ? - Proves an underprivileged kid is innocent.

On the final weekend before Dick heads to college, Batman and Robin stumble into the middle of a robbery at their neighbours the Winslows, who are away at their million dollar beach house. The heroes don’t see the thief’s face, but Robin manages to punch him before he escapes.

The next morning, Bruce, Alfred and Dick head to their own beach house, but not before picking up an underprivileged kid… an initiative of the Civic Conscience Council. Dick is surprised because he knows the boy – Skeet Callum. Skeet had been caught riffling lockers at Dick’s school. Skeet proves thoroughly unlikeable and untrustworthy… particularly as he is sporting a bruise in approximately the same spot Robin hit the thief the night before.

When the group arrive at the beach house, Skeet meets Deena Winslow who invites Bruce, Dick and Skeet to a party at her parent’s beach house.

That night, Deena’s parents tell the kids to head to the beach as the party is adults only. Dick, Deena and Skeet head out to the beach for a party of their own, but Deena insults Skeet and he takes off. Later, Bruce discovers the Winslows have been robbed. He confronts Skeet but the boy has no jewellery on him. Following this, Skeet runs away.

Dick goes in search of him and discovers Skeet has been knocked out by Deena who was signally a yacht off shore. Dick takes Skeet back to the house and then he and Batman put a plan into action. While Dick distracts the crew on the yacht, Batman climbs on board and discovers that Deena had been convinced by the yacht captain that stealing from her parents would be a good way to get their attention. With Deena’s help, Batman captures the yacht owner.

Dick visits Skeet in hospital. The boys is stunned that Batman went to the trouble to prove his innocence. Dick points out that he is worth it.


# "Detective Comics" #393

Year 16: Event ? - Leaves home to go to Hudson University

This is a key marker, not only in Dick's life, but in Batman's. For the first time in years, Batman is patrolling alone again. Going to University to study law and criminology wasn't necessarily what Dick wanted to do. Attending Uni was more an expectation of those around him. Some of his Teen Titan friends (who are slightly older) head off to university so Dick just accepted this was the thing to do. He saw it as a way to keep some of the independence he had gain by working with the original Teen Titans. So he settles in at Hudson U and joins the university paper as a reporter which provided a useful springboard for continuing his Robin career. His solo career fighting crime around the University is very successful. Lori Elton, his girlfriend, is often frustrated because he has to rush off in the middle of their dates. However, most weekends he rides home to partner Batman.

It wasn't easy to include this in the timeline. The only way I could do it was to make Dick sixteen so we just have to accept that Dick is a gifted learner. This age may seem strange, but I note Collin on the "Batman Continuity Project" comes up with the same age. I added the going home on weekends to fit in with in the Lazarus story later this year.

# "Batman" #217       # "Batman" #600
Year 16: Event ? - Boarding with Mrs Higgins at New Carthage (College Town)

When Dick arrives in New York, he goes to the small town of New Carthage - known locally as College Town - where many Hudson University students find lodging. There he takes a room with Mrs Higgins, someone Dick likens to Aunt Harriet.

One must assume Aunt Harriet is a distant relation of Bruce's or perhaps a friend of Bruce's mother whom they call Aunt.

# "Batman" #246 and "Detective Comics" #394
Year 16: Event ? - Stops rally on his first day of university

On Dick’s first day at Hudson University he goes to register but finds himself in the middle of a lock out. ‘Fire-Brand’ Fran and Jonah Ramm are firing up students, locking everyone out and insisting their demands are met. The Dean says the adminstration will not call the police and welcome talks with the students to sort things out. However, some heavy handed police arrive and Dick realizes (thanks to a car inspection sticker which police cars do not have) that the police are phonies.

Dick is knocked unconscious, kidnapped by the phoney police and drumped in silo on a deserted farm. While he is unconscious, Fire Brand Fran whips the students into a frenzy, supporting her cause and leading them toward voting to shut the university.

When Dick regains his wits, he takes his batrope out of his hollow belt and turns his reversible shirt around, transforming into Robin. (Not sure where the cape came from.
He waits for the fake police to go for food and then swings into action attempting to capture Jonah who has been wrapped in bandages. It is then he realizes he is playing into the phonys' hands. Jonah’s plan is to show police brutality so the students will riot and Robin has just provided some real bruises.

Outnumbered five to one, Robin is overpowered. The fake police reveal they are extremists who want all universities closed so America doesn’t have the ‘brains’ for the world-wide fight against them. They discuss leaving the ‘other kid’ (Dick) in the silo to starve and drowning Robin in a well. Jonah and two of the four phoney cops return to the univeristy to provide the final motivation for the students to vote to close the university. This leaves two phonies cops to deal with Robin. Robin turns the tables, and as Dick Grayson, drives the phoney police to the rally where he arrives just in time to stop the voite by showing everyone the entire thing was a set up. Dick then convinces everyone to go back to their education.

In the story, the extremeists are revealed to be Communists. Clearly this is very dated. However, if we accept these are just a group of extremists, it still works.This is Robin's first of many appearances around Hudson University and so Robin's solo career begins in earnest.

# "Detective Comics" #394 & #395
Year 16: Event ? - Returns to Gotham and is controlled by the spirit of Josiah Heller

Dick returns to Gotham at the weekend only to be attacked and possessed/controlled by the spirit of Josiah Heller, a Hellerite and early owner of the land on which Gotham City is built. Heller has been awakened from the dead by a conman dabbling in the occult and claiming the land of Gotham belongs to him because Heller was his ancestor.

Under the legend the eldest son of each family and Gotham itself will turn to dust. Batman races to find Dick. However, he is too late. Unwittingly, Dick is forced to attack Batman using this new warlock type powers.

In the end, with the help of Phantom Stranger, Batman knocks Dick out and returns Josiah Heller to eternal rest.

This takes place on Dick's weekly pilgrimage to Gotham to assist Batman. Most importantly, we have not only Bruce acknowlede Dick as his son, a supernatural being recognises the relationship.

# "Brave and the Bold" #89
Year 16: Event ? - Stops terrorist plot to sabotage NASA space programme.

When Hudson University hosts Professor Zukov, a Russian scientist, he shares a specimen of Moon rock which is a gift from NASA. Herb Stroud, a university student who prophesizes doom as a result of the rock, approaches it with Dick and he and the rock is spontaneously turn green. Prof. Zukov calls in NASA, while Dick, highly suspicious that this is all part of an elaborate hoax, changes into Robin to investigate.

Robin starts with Herb’s shower, knowing the boy had showered just before arriving. He discovers soap with an odd aroma, but is knocked out by an intruder. By the time Robin regains his senses, Prof Zukov is standing over him. Robin knows he is the attacker based on detecting the same aroma on Zukov, but cannot accuse him in front of witnesses. Zukov invites Robin back to his on-campus cottage where Robin states he feels weary after the blow and needs a good night’s sleep.

Eavesdropping on Zukov, he discovers he is a terrorist trying to sabotage the USA’s space programme. Before Zukov’s companions can murder Robin, he escapes with the terrorists in hot pursuit.

Robin returns to the where the Moonrock is being held and while his cape is snagged, Zukov runs off at the mouth explaining how he managed to turn Stroud and the rock simultaneously green. Robin frees his cape just as Zukov is about to kill him, captures all of the terrorists and gives doctors the antidote to cure Stroud.

Again, originally the story's villains are communists, reflecting the period it was written. By simply changing this to terriorts, the story still works and is important because it is part of Robin's successful solo career... which, along with his work with the Titans, ultimately leads to the breakdown of the Dynamic Duo.

# "Detective Comics" #398 & #399
Year 16: Event ? - Dynamic Duo - Investigates the "Twists"

When "The Twists", a pop group return after a year incognido, there are rumours one of the members - Saul - is dead. Dick, like the rest of his age group, is caught up in the return of the group and the mystery surrounding the 'death' of one of their members. With the group headed for Gotham, he asks Bruce to invite them to stay at Wayne Manor. When the group arrive, Saul is present and the rumors of him being a fake increase. Dick joins Bruce at the manor and the pair set out to record Saul's singing voice so they can compare the voice patterns to earlier recordings.

When Robin attempts to get his hands on the recorder Saul carries to record any signing ideas, Dick is attacked and knocked unconscious. Bruce finds him and carries him to the Batcave to recover.

The pair are then set up and ambushed. Tired of the set ups, Batman uses the direct approach and accuses Saul who breaks down and explains that he is real, but the other three men are the fakes. His friends had died in a plane crash and year ago and as a tribute and to keep them alive, Saul found three other singers who had plastic surgery and voice training and are ready to go. One of the members became greedy and it is he who had attacked Robin and arranged the ambush.

Batman convinces Saul to come clean with his fans and start a fresh with his new group. This they do and are very successful.

An example of the way Bruce and Dick continue to be the Dynamic Duo even after Dick goes to College.

# "Batman" #222

Year 16: Event ? - Teams with Batgirl to solve the murder of Amos Willard

When Barbara Gordon delivers a book to Hudson University, she finds herself embroiled in a mystery involving a murder. She chases a suspect and is assisted in his capture by Dick Grayson.

Batgirl continues her investigations, interviewing the arrested youth who claims his innocence. Barbara believes him. When she returns to the scene of the crime, she is knocked unconscious. When she awakens, she is tied up and being bricked into a wall.

Meanwhile, Dick has transformed into Robin and starts his own investigation. He follows the clues, uncovering the identity of the real killer. When he confronts the killer, he realizes someone is being buried alive. Quickly he rescues Batgirl and together they apprehend the real killer.

This is the start of Batgirl and Robin reguarlarly working together for a short period of time. At this stage, Dick is sixteen and Barbara must be 20 or more.

# "Detective Comics" #400-401

Year 16: Event ? - Helps Batman and Superman shut down a branch of the Mafia.

Batman is investigating the Mafia who are extorting money from a circus. Knowing the circus aerialists may well be a target to convince the circus owner to welcome the mob as partners, Batman asks Dick to come out of retirement and perform in an apparent tribute to his parents. During the performance, Dick’s trapeze breaks... just as Batman suspected it would. Dick positions himself on his back to land in the safety net, but the net too snaps. With no way to maneuver, Dick knows he is going to be killed. However, Bruce has some added insurance, having asked Superman to keep an eye on Dick. Superman, dressed as a clown saves Dick.

Superman and Batman then join forces to bring down the Mafia family headed by Karl “Big Uncle” Lukaz. The pair go undercover as gangsters. Superman poses as an assassin and ‘kills’ Bruce Wayne, while Batman impersonates Lukaz whom Superman has captured and imprisoned in the Fortress of Solitude.

When Batman takes a severe blow to the head, the concussion opens him to be controlled by an escaped Lukaz. Batman, still impersonating Lukaz, produces Kryptonite to overpower Superman, but Superman is able to convince everyone he is really one of Lukaz’s men who has a weird accident that has given him not only Superman’s powers but changed his appearance so he looks like Superman as well.

Batman, still being controlled by the real Lukaz, orders Superman to kill Jimmy Olsen while he kills Robin. Playing for time so he can collect the evidence he needs and hoping that Batman will ‘snap’ out of it, Superman plays along, contacting Jimmy and Dick. He has them meet he and Batman at a junk yard, where Batman takes off his cowl to reveal the Lukaz mask. He orders Jimmy and Robin to begin digging their own graves. Once the graves have been dug Batman prepares to kill Robin. It is then that Dick appeals to the man who raised him.

This brings Batman back to his sense. Immediately, the real Lukaz and his armed men appear. Superman pretends to still be under Lukaz’s control and stages Jimmy and Robin’s death. He presents Lukaz with the boys’ hearts which Lukaz takes to his trophy room… a trophy room that holds the evidence Batman and Superman need to shut down the Mafia. Superman tracks the bug he places in the false hearts and with Robin’s help, the evidence is collected and the Mafia are imprisoned.

It is not easy including any of the "World Finest" stories because they are really very dated and 'out there'. Most I have left out of the timeline, but it is important to include some because they outline the time Dick spent gettng to know and respect Clark. The pair worked together a great deal and so it is important to include some of these stories. This one, with some gentle massaging, can work as part of the timeline.

# "World's Finest" #194-195

Year 16: Event ? - Speedy vistis Hudson University and assists Dick with a crisis of confidence.

Robin returns to Hudson University from working with the Teen Titans with Speedy in tow. These two have had difficulty seeing eye to eye in the past, but recent decisions and action has forged a very real respect for each other and as a result a strong friendship begins to form. This friendship will be one that influences each of their lives in the months and years to come.

As Dick is showing Roy around campus – Roy focused on the girls – they come across a brawl breaking out between a younger and older student. Dick wrongly believes that the bigger student must have started it and intervenes as Robin, taking the larger student down. Sadly, this error brings a world of criticism from bystanders, which spreads far beyond the university.

Speedy tries to support his friend by pointing out putting on a costume makes Robin a symbol and that people are unforgiving when heroes make mistakes.

After Speedy leaves, Dick is left to contemplate the recent happenings and realizes he needs to re-discover who Robin is. In the end, he concludes he is proud to be Robin exactly as he has always been.

This is truly the beginning of Dick's growing pains as he searches to truly forge his own path separate to his 'father'. For Dick and Roy, this is the beginning of a new chapter. The boys have always rubbed each other the wrong way. From this point forward, a new very deep, very strong friendship is formed.

# "Detective Comics"#402

Year 16: Event ? - Captures two youths who escape from youth detention.

Following his mistake in the cafeteria, Dick decides to join the aide programme involving students tutoring juvenile delinquents from the prison farm. After running out of gas and being rescued by a passerby, Dick (who quickly changes into Robin) arrives in time to discover the two boys he had broken up at Hudson University have escaped, one leaving a message in shoe polish on the ground of his cell which states… "Forced to go - guns buried - help me".

Robin investigates and tracks down the pair to discover the small boy who had started the fight in the cafeteria is the own who left the message and that he has been trying to bring down the other youth who has been working for a mobster.

Here we see Dick's mode of transport at this time. A micro-bus with motorcycle inside.

# "Detective Comics" #403

Year 16: Event ? - Investigates a smear campaign against a professor.

Robin investigates a political campaign between the sitting Congressman who has aided industry and jobs in New Carthage and a professor who opposes the move it because of industrial pollution. When the Professor is smeared in the media, Robin uncovers those responsible.

And Dick's solo career is flying.

# "Batman" #227 and 229

Year 16: Event ? - Rescues Superman from aliens

During an antiwar demonstration on Hudson University’s campus where Robin is trying to keep the peace and Clark Kent is reporting, two brothers, who can’t see eye to eye, capture Robin and Superman’s attention. Abruptly the four are teleported to an alien world where Superman is captured and enslaved to become a living battery so the aliens may achieve immortality. Robin must mobilize the bickering brothers and lead them to free Superman. Following the success of the rescue, the brothers learn to see eye to eye, Superman teleports the group home and Clark Kent reports the story.

Here again, we see Superman and Robin working together and relationship between Superman and Dick developing. Also, we see Dick gaining experience working off-planet something that is important when he leads the New Teen Titans.

# "World Finest" #200

Year 16: Event ? - Dynamic Duo face Dr. Tzin-Tzin

Robin is lured to an spooky old house on the outskirts of Gotham… a house that was not there the week before. When Robin disappears, Batman follows the trail to the house where he appears to find Robin, but it is an illusion… Dick aging and then dying in his arms.

Next, Batman is attacked by Robin with a gun, but again this is an illusion. Following this, Batman witnesses himself in a coffin, his friends standing around criticizing him.

Finally, all is revealed. Batman discovers he is a prisoner of Dr. Tzin-Tzin, master of illusion. He has been imprisoned in Tzin’s human accelerator. The house of horrors was specifically designed by Tzin to weaken Batman so he would be easy to kill. Unfortunately, Robin too is an accelerator where each will continue to bounce until the count reaches 100 whereupon a bomb placed at the bottom of the tube will explode killing Batman and Robin.

Tzin taunts Batman telling him to beg and perhaps murderer will spare Robin’s life. Batman increases the speed of his bouncing so he can overtake Robin’s count. Then he braces himself in the tube and drops his utility belt to set off the explosion. Robin is knocked unconscious.

Batman takes on Tzin’s deadly dozen but is overpowered. Just as Tzin is about to kill him, Robin saves his life. The pair capture Tzin but using his powers of illusion, he escapes and the house explodes, disappearing completely.

It is important to remember that when Robin appeared in Batman stories during the period he was being written at university, it was truly in a secondary role and often he was used to for no other purpose than to 'lure' Batman into traps.

# "Detective Comics" #408

Year 16: Event ? - Kidnapped by Ra's Al Ghul

Dick is kidnapped from his Hudson University dorm room by Ra's Al Ghul in an elaborate test to see if Batman is worthy of Ra's daughter Talia who has fallen in love with Bruce. Ra's approaches Batman, revealing he knows Bruce's identity and suggests they join forces to track down the kidnapper.

Batman suspects early on Ra's is behind the kidnappings but plays along to find both Dick and Talia - whom he knows. In the end, Batman tracks Robin down and using some Dynamic Duo magic, the pair take down the kidnappers. Then Ra's reveals the reason for this 'test'. The lovely Talia is his daughter and she has fallen in love with Batman. Ra's wanted to make sure Bruce was worthy to take over his organisation.

Originally, Batman had met Talia just previous to this story. However, the New 52 presents an interesting problem. In the New 52, Dick is 21 when he takes over as Batman with Damian as his Robin. Damain is 10 at this time. So, this means that when this kidnapping took place, Damian is a child of five... a bit late for Ra's to decide if Bruce is suitable or not. LOL

# "Batman" #232

Year 16: Event ? - Attacked by 'The Reaper'

Dick and some college buddies go to he Rutland Halloween parade to get away from College for a while. While there they spot a boy dressed as Robin being belted up. Dick and his friends rush to help but are overcome. Dick then changes costume and goes in search of those responsible. He comes across a man dressed as Batman murdered and then is attacked himself by the Reaper.

Here, again, we see how much Bruce cares for Dick. However, in Dick's eyes, Bruce is treating him as a child. It becomes increasingly difficult for him to ignore his natural desire to be seen as an equal.

# "Batman" #237
Year 16: Event ? - Kidnapped by 'The Butcher'

Robin is kidnapped by Emil Ravek known as the Butcher because he likes tochop up his victims. Ravek is released because of a lack of evidence and chooses to torment Batman by staging Robin's death over and over again using dummies - hanging, shot, stabbing, drowning... Unable to locate his son, Batman has no choice but to play Ravek's game, always arriving too late to save Robin. With each failure, Batman becames more and more emotional knowing that it will not be long before the Robin that dies will be the real one. Finally, Batman works out who is responsible and rushes to the Wax Museum to save his son. This he does. Dick, who has been drugged, awakens disoriented in his father's arms, remembering nothing.


Another story that shows how important Dick is to Bruce. We see Batman take risks he would normally not take and his emotions come close to getting the better of him. At the end, he is even prepared to beg. It is clear Ravek is right... Dick's death would certainly destroy Bruce (then and now. I actually think this is one of the reasons Jason finds it difficult to like Dick. In his heart he knows that if Dick had been murdered by the Joker, Bruce's reaction would have been very different.)

# "Batman" #246
Year 16: Event ? - Strange Premonition of the Future

In New York, Robin goes to the aid of the police who are facing terrorists holding S.T.A. R Lab’s scientist, Professor Stone and his new solar reactor captive. As the Teen Wonder heads into action, he suddenly feels dizzy and finds himself apparently transported to another reality where he is a member of a newly formed Teen Titans group. He recognizes only Wonder Girl, Kid Flash and Beast Boy - who insists on being called Changeling – out of the new line up which includes a golden girl who professes her love for him, a cyborg and a witch called Raven. Confused, but wanting to help, Robin assists the group who are called in when a S.T.A.R. labs professor accidently releases a protoplasmic creature threatening Earth. All the while, he is drawn between the two realities, assisting the police in New York at the same time as working with the New Titans. When he finally returns in his own reality, he discovers that the professor in New York is the same one from the other reality. Still confused, Robin leaves… not realizing he is being watched by the mysterious Raven who shares...

It is important to note that at this time, while Dick’s solo career is rolling along with great success, he feels lost and out of place at university... and ultimately without a true purpose. Below are Dick’s reflections on this time in his life. The New Teen Titans certainly revealed Dick's gifts as a leader.

This was a very clever way to introduce the characters so that the reader had a clear picture of the new characters when reading Issue #1 of the New Titans.

# "DC Comics Presents #26
Year 16: Event ? - Drops Out of University

Robin's solo career is very successful, but his studies suffer as a result. Going to university wasn't something he really wanted to do. However, he stayed to keep the peace with Bruce. Finally he comes to the conclusion going off to university in the first place had been a mistake and he drops out to focus on his Robin activities... more like his Bat old man than he or Bruce realized. When he tells Bruce he has dropped out, the reaction wasn't pretty.

This contributed to Dick drifting away from his 'father' and seeking out acceptance with peers of his own age - a natural part of adolescence. One has to wonder if the experience Raven planted in Dick's mind unconsiously provided the final nudge he needed to leave university and go in search of something different.

Here, we see one of the first major steps toward Dick shedding his Robin identity. From this point forward, the drift between Batman and Robin accelerates.

# "Secret Origins" #13
Year 16: Event ? - Works with Superman to capture a Hypnotist at a Circus

Dick visits a circus with his date Angie and is surprised that Waldo the clown, a man who was like a Godfather to him, fails to recognise him and appears in a trance. That night, Robin investigates only to be attacked and knocked unconscious by a hypnotic voice... a voice that has control of Superman as well - or so it seems. The pair, as hypnotised zombies, perform as part of the circus act. Later that night, Superman, who has only been pretending to hypnotised, frees Robin and the pair capture the hypnotist and free Waldo.

Dick had a number cases working with Clark. There is no mention of Waldo in early stories. We really only have Danny and Pop. Perhaps Waldo left before the tragedy.

# "DC Comics Presents" #31

Year 16: Event ? - Lazarus Affair - Teams with Catwoman when Batman falls for Talia

When Bruce has Talia move into the cave, Dick packs the few things he has and storms out, declaring he will no longer be spending weekends in Gotham. He goes to speak to Catwoman, concerned about Bruce and not understanding why Bruce isn't listening to his warnings regarding Talia. Dick and Catwoman team up with an FBI agent but are captured trying to find Batman, who has also been captured and taken to a remote island for a second clash with Ra's Al Ghul. It is team work and an understanding between the Dynamic Duo that saves the day against Ra's Al Ghul. With Ra's 'dead' and the Lazarus pit gone, Talia is set to age and she walks out on Bruce, leaving Dick to look after his injured 'father' and mend fences.

You can see at the end of this that Dick is still searching for his place in the world.

By this time, Damian must be a child of about six so there is no way Talia can stay with Bruce. She needs to return to training her little assassin. :)

# "Batman" #332

YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* List his solo cases. (see Reference of old appearances in "Other"Folder)
* Dynamic Duo stories every weekend.

* Batgirl and Robin stories.