Year 15: Event ? - Dick Sacrifices himself to save Bruce

Batman and Robin begin an investigation into the theft of oil. During the case, Batman is thrown into the sea, but rescued by Robin.

In the middle of the investigation, Professor Bruner, one of Bruce’s father’s best friends, is killed in front of his teenage son, Lance, leaving the boy an orphan. Lance arrives unannounced at Wayne Manor because Bruce had promised to take the boy in as a ward should anything happen to his father. Bruce is moved by the story and takes the boy in.

Lance causes a great deal of trouble, particularly for Dick who is asked by Bruce to make Lance feel welcome. Dick covers for Lance when he steals money, paints graffiti on a police motorcycle and damages Bruce’s car. Rather than being grateful, Lance sees Dick as a sap.

Lance attends a meeting with Bruce and sidles up to Stark who is making things difficult for Bruce.

Dick goes to visit his Teen Titan friends and asks them to befriend Lance whom Dick believes is ‘mixed up’ and lonely. In his own way, Dick can relate to Lance having walked in his shoes. Donna, Wally, Roy and Dick take Lance to a disco but he moves in on adult women.

Out of the blue, a ransom note arrives at Wayne Manor stating that Lance has been kidnapped. Bruce pays the $50 000 and Lance returns. All of the Teen Titans suspect he is behind the kidnapping himself, but Dick insists they have to give him a chance. Bruce is alerted when Lance deposits $25 000 into his bank account, but Lance explains this is a legacy his father left him.

A visit from a correctional officer explains a great deal - Lance is a delinquent and military drop out. Lance breaks down, admits all he has done, including the false kidnapping and what Dick took the rap for, and begs Bruce to still take him in as his ward. Bruce agrees, much to the Teen Titans' dismay. However, Dick continues to insist Lance deserves a chance.

Lance stumbles upon the Batcave and vows to get revenge on the Dynamic Duo for patronizing him. He sets them up for an ambush when he tells Zenith Oil owner Stark (the mastermind behind the oil thefts) of Batman and the Titan's next move, leading the group to be captured. Lance goes along to watch. What he sees changes Lance. Stark threatens Batman with a high pressure air hose used to clean large pipes… something that will cut Batman in half. As Stark turns on the hose, Robin leaps in front of Batman, is hit by the gun and thrown off the ship. Batman explodes with rage, believing Dick to be dead, and the Titans appear to assist in shutting down Stark.

When Robin tumbles off the ship, he lands in Lance’s boat and the boy changes clothes with the unconscious Dick. Having witnessed Dick's sacrifice, Lance finally knows what real love and respect is.In the fight that follows, Lance (disguised as Robin) distracts Stark but is shot in the process. As he dies in Batman’s arms, Lance reveals who he is and that Dick is alive. Afterwards, Bruce puts up a memorial to Lance.

"That boy meant more to me than anything in life". Never a truer word has been spoken.

We see the very compassionate side of Dick in this story. While he knows Lance is 'bad news' he continues to give the boy chance after chance, both for Bruce's sake (Bruce wanting to believe in the boy) and because Lance witnessed the death of this parents - something Dick can relate to.

# "Brave and the Bold" #83
Year 15: Event ? - Gotham High School Campout

Dick attends a Gotham College campout. He must pretend to be a loner, not staying too long with any group so that when he needs to appear as Robin to lead the hayride, Dick Grayson won’t be missed. At the campout is a boy called Craig Rockland (Rocky) - a gifted student who has been accelerated because of his intelligence. The other kids make life difficult for Rocky, excluding him.

Dick plays guitar and sings for a while and then moves off to change into Robin so he can lead the hayride. Three older boys, sick of Robin swinging in and 'stealing the show', decide to sabotage his entrance. When Dick prepares to swing in, he is lassoed and falls to the ground. Groggy, he tries to fight back but when the three older boys encircle him and prepare to attack with clubs, Rocky lassoes a club changing the odds. Robin defeats his attackers and befriends Rocky who also achieves acceptance with the other boys.

Here Dick would have been younger than the other kids as well. To make this work, Dick's intelligence would need to be hidden with everyone believing he was older. So, while only 15, everyone would believe he was at least sixteen, the same age as his grade level peers.

# "Detective Comics" #386
Year 15: Event ? - Bruce Masquerade as Howard Hayes to protect Dick

When a newspaper reports that Batman is actually one of four people, naming Bruce as one, Bruce considers revealing his identity to protect the other three men. Dick tries to talk Bruce out of it, pointing out that he will make himself a target. Bruce can see that, but is determined to accept the danger until he realizes that revealing himself as Batman may protect the three other men named in the paper, but not Dick. It would make Dick a target.

For this reason, Bruce comes up with an elaborate plan that will ensure Dick's safety. He strikes up a deal with Howard Hayes, the reclusive richest man in the world. Batman will take on Hayes’ identity and Hayes can live his life travelling the world in peace in disguise. This appeals to Hayes and so Bruce, dressed as Hayes, reveals he is Batman and proves it by writing down Commissioner Gordon’s private number. When questioned about Robin, he says that Robin will not be revealing his identity and instead will lead a peaceful life as a normal youth. This is clearly an order, leaving Dick with no option but to ‘retire'.

Batman’s plan hits a snag with the real Howard Hayes becomes jealous of the limelight Batman Hayes is getting and so he lures Batman Bruce out, captures him and leaves him to plunge to his death aboard a plane. Naturally, Dick has been following and rescues Batman. Hayes is then revealed as a fraud.

Here we see that revealing his identity is less important to Bruce than protecting Dick.

# "Batman" #211
Year 15: Event ? - Dick learns the error of judging guilt based on someone's character.

When Mel Lambert is found standing over his father’s body with the murder weapon in his hand, the case seems open and shut. However, the obnoxious and unlikeable young man insists he is innocent. Robin is swayed by Lambert’s attitude and disrespect of Gordon and is certain he is guilty. Batman ultimately proves him innocent forcing Dick to learn a valuable lesson.

Here we see Bruce guiding Dick through and showing him the importance of following the evidence not simply reading the personalities of those accused.

# "Detective Comics" #387
Year 15: Event ? - Batman and Robin capture three hit men and a Mob boss.

When the aging Mr. Big of the Gotham underworld, Li'l Studs, is given a "welcome home" banquet by gangsters following a stay in the hospital, Batman and Robin go undercover to prevent his assassination. Quirk, one of Studs' competitors, hires three hit men - a crack pistol shot named the Silencer, a poison-dart hurler called the Dart, and Big Jolt, a specialist in electrocution.

Bruce and Dick pose as waiters, but Bruce has to go to another function leaving Dick to prevent the assassination. Unfortunately, Studs is killed but no one can work out who is responsible for it appears he was simultaneously electrocuted, shot and stabbed. When Batman reveals that Studs died of a heart attack before any of the assassins could kill him, Quirk refuses to pay the hit men. So, the three work together to kill Batman. Knowing Batman will go to Quirk’s house to arrest him, the lie in wait, but Batman and Robin foil the attempt and hit man and Quirk are arrested.

During this period of time, Batman spends a great deal of time teaching Robin on the job. We can see Dick maturing with each case. This is important because shortly he is off to University and a solo career.

# "Batman" #212
Year 15: Event ? - Robin stops Batman from destroying Wayne Manor

Batman and Robin try to stop three apparent robberies during the same night, only to find the victims of the thefts insist the thieves have their permission. Bruce discovers that all the millionaire members of the Conscience Council, including himself, seem prepared to turn over valuables to criminals. When Bruce receives orders from a mysterious voice over the phone to open Wayne Foundation drug storeroom to thieves, he does so, but Robin follows him and foils the robbery.

Dick suspects Bruce is the victim of mind control and orders him to hit him. Bruce does so, proving Robin’s suspicions.

The mind control mastermind turns out to be Myron Mycroft, a member of the Council. When Mycroft learns Batman is subject to his commands, he gives Batman a phone-command to blow up Wayne Manor to test if Batman is truly under his command.

Batman buries explosives in the garden of Wayne Manor and later that night, goes outside and despite his best efforts to stop himself, detonates the explosives, seemingly destroying Wane Manor and killing Dick and Alfred. However, Robin had seen Batman bury the explosives and replaced them with a combination of fireworks and smoke bombs.

Angry that he has been deceived, Mycroft pulls a gun on Batman and snarls that he has placed a microwave willpower transmitter on him. Batman realizes the device is in the wristwatch he and other Council members were given at an honors dinner. Batman removes it and defeats Mycroft.

Here, Dick's detective skills are on show. He is able to deduce what is going on and save Bruce and Alfred.

# "Batman" #215
Year 15: Event ? - Dick's first real date

Dick returns to highschool after a bout of flu and joins his new girlfriend Sandy Cole who is editor of the "Gotham Owl" the highschool paper and his best friend at shcool(Rocky) reporting on the recent teacher negotiations for smaller classes. Dick takes Sandy to the game (Grid Iron or Basketball... not sure which) and on their way home they are attacked by supporters (Skyliners) from the other team. Dick takes care of one, then changes into Robin and takes care of the rest with Rocky’s help. However one gets away. When the Skyliners are arrested they give no reason for the attack.

Here we see a window into Dick's life as a normal teenager who also has a responsibility as Robin. This is what differentiates Dick from Bruce. Dick has a life and real friends outside of his Robin identity. In many ways, he owes this to Bruce who ensured that Dick did have a life outside of being Robin.

# "Detective Comics" #390
Year 15: Event ? - Prevents Teacher's Strike

With the city seemingly having agreed to teacher demands for smaller classes before they re-sign their contracts, the need for new classrooms arises. There is argument over where these should be built… on the west side or the east side, but this is overcome with the west side being chosen based on an article written by Rocky. However, the key negotiator pulls the plug at the last minute which Dick knows will lead to a teacher strike.

Rocky and Dick decided to interview the negotiator for the paper to find out his reason for back-flipping. When they follow him, Dick spots the Skyline supporter who got away the night before. Dick slips off, changes into Robin and captures the Skyliner and his friend as they threaten the negotiator. The negotiator then explains that his family had been threatened and he had no choice but to back flip.

One of the thugs admits he didn’t sign up for murder and tells Robin where to find the ‘Boss’’. Robin bursts in, but realizes quickly he has been set up when guns are pulled on him. Abruptly…

Robin takes care of the momentarily distracted thugs and calls the police in. However, there are none. Rocky had overheard the conversation and followed Robin there. It turns out the Boss owns the East side site for the new classrooms and had hired the thugs to attack Rocky to squash his editorial favouring the west side site. When that failed the ‘Boss’ threatened the negotiator. The next day the teachers sign their contract and Rocky ends up with his story on the front page of every paper.


# "Detective Comics" #391
Year 15: Event ? - Taken over by Deadman to shoot Batman

After taking down a thug on a routine case, Robin is possessed by Deadman. He picks up a gun and is going to shoot Batman. Batman disarms him and Deadman leaps into Commissioner Gordon. Batman disarms the Commissioner and realizing it must be Deadman, takes off to work alone to find out what is going on.


# "Brave and The Bold" #86
Year 15: Event ? - Robin helps Batman stage his death to capture two gangsters

Batman appears to be killed by gangster Angles Moore in a fight under wanter, but this is staged with Robin's help. Batman swaps places with Moore while Robin takes the real Moore to prison. Batman is then able to captue Moore's boss, Scap Scarpel.


# "Detective Comics" #392
Year 15: Event ? - Rescues Alfred's Neice
While on patrol, Batman prevents the mugging of a young woman at the back door of the Gotham Theatre. However, the girl in ungrateful and distracts Batman giving her mugger the upper hand. When Batman regains his senses, the girl and mugger are gone.

On the way back to the Batcave, Batman comes across the same girl hitchhiking to Wayne Manor. The girl proves to be Daphne Pennyworth, daughter of Wilfred Pennyworth, Alfred's brother. Both are thespians with the Ye Olde Avon Players. Daphne claims the man who appeared to be mugging her was her boyfriend and that it was a misunderstanding.

Batman leaves the girl with Alfred and reappears as Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson, suffering from a heavy cold, leaves his sick bed and develops an instant crush on Daphne. Alfred suggests Dick show his niece some of the Shakespeare memorabilia which includes early editions of some plays and the first folio of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", written in the Bard's own hand.

Daphne invites Bruce, Dick and Alfred to the Players' performance of "Romeo and Juliet" the next night. Alfred becomes suspicious when he discovers candle wax leading toward the priceless folio so is alert when Daphne sneaks off between acts to return to Wayne Manor and steal the folio. Alfred catches her in the act and she shoots him with a prop gun. Alfred mimes death and Daphne, who believes she has really killed her uncle, leaves in tears with the folio.

Daphne returns to the theatre and pays the ransom to free her father who is a hostage of the other Players. Wilfred pushes his daughter onto the stage where she will be safe and then he, Alfred and Batman battle the villains.

The Players brag that the dagger Daphne will use in the final scene as Juliet is real, but Dicks, who has been left in the audience, dives into action saving the girl.

For the purpose of our timeline, Alfred has a neice. It is nice to see the protective father side of Bruce come out. See below.

# "Batman" #216
YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* Various Dynamic Duo and Teen Titans stories

* The Spook tries to place Batman in Gotham prison as entertainment, but Robin saves him. "Gotham Knights 46

* Getaway Genius allowed to escape - Robin annoyed. Batman knows it is for chemo drugs. Batman 703