Year 14: Event ? - When Robin defies Bruce's instructions, he receives a little help from Superman

Bruce has to attend a function and forbids Dick from any solo adventures. Alfred points out that Dick has a major geometry assignment. Dick insists he can concentrate better if he works out first. While working out, alarms go off indicating the weapons dealers from Metropolis Batman has been tracking are arriving a day earlier. Robin wants to rush off, but Alfred steps in and takes him upstairs to do his homework. Dick then sneaks out on his new Robin Cycle, confonts the weapons dealers and ends up captured, bound and tossed in the ocean. He frees himself but is whisked to the surface by...

Superman captures the weapons' dealers and flies Robin home just as Bruce arrives and is told of the weapon's dealers capture... and the presence of a caped hero. He is certain it was Dick and storms upstairs ready to "Ground him till he's 30!" Dick changes and dives into bed, doing an Emmy Award winning performance of innocence. Bruce is still suspicious and checks Dick's geometry assignment only to discover it has been completed (by Superman at super speed).

Later, Clark receives a letter from Bruce.

Dick is becoming more independent and extending his friendships with adult heroes. This story again shows the wonderful relationship between Dick and Alfred.

# "Superman" #700      

Year 14: Event ? - Dick is badly beaten (Hunt for A Robin Killer)

Batman must face deja vu when Robin is almost beaten to death by a thug seeking revenge on the boy for putting his brother in jail.

Batman and Robin go to a warehouse looking for the Lemon Brothers. As usual, Batman takes the front and Robin covers the back door. However, Jim Condors - a boxing champion - is hunting Robin having promised his brother he'd beat the boy to death. Condors comes close to achieving his goal, but Batman interrupts him and he flees.

When Batman discovers Robin badly beaten, he momentarily believes the boy to be dead, but identifies a pulse and rushes Dick to hospital. Leaving Robin in the care of a doctor, Batman heads off, intent on revenge. He tracks the killer and hauls him in, but Jim Condors has an iron-clad alibi... he was signing an autograph for Commissioner Gordon.

Condors threatens to sue and is released. Devastated, Batman visits Robin in the hospital where the doctor confronts him.

Batman continues his search and discovers a record of Robin capturing Ed Condors. He finds Ed (an exact double of his brother) and 'convinces' Ed to help him catch out Jim who indeed is responsible. This they do and Batman takes both Condors in.

Dick is released from hospital raring to go, but Bruce insists it will be a while before he is ready for another case.

This is one of those classic stories. It shows that when Dick was young, Bruce felt real emotions... not just ones he allowed himself.

# "Detective Comics" #374      

YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* Various Dynamic Duo stories

* Robin electricuted. (Det 367)

* Teenage Sidekick - Solo#3

* Batgirl and Robin capture Quilt - Nightwing Annual 2

* Take down the Calendar Man - Batman 80 page giant #3