Year 13: Event ? - Increased difficulty playing the role of playboy's poor little ward.

As Dick gets older, he finds it harder to play the role of billionaire socialite Bruce Wayne's ward. More than anything, it is seeing Bruce act like a brainless rich monkey in a suit that frustrates him... and having to put up with being treated like a 'pet' so that women can endear themselves to Bruce.

Dick knows this is the price he pays for being Bruce's ward... but that doesn't make it any easier.

# "Untold Legend of the Batman" #2

Year 13: Event ? - Bullied at HighSchool

Having to attend Highschool early (unbeknown to all), Dick is much smaller than his age peers and pays the price. Bullies pick on him because of both his size and because he is the ward of Bruce Wayne. Increasingly, Dick finds it more difficult to turn and walk away, but he contines to do so because he knows it is the sacrifice he must make if he is to protect his Robin identity.

Dick has the most amazing self-control. It is his time spent chilling out with real friends like Roy, Wally, Garth and Donna that helps to ease the pain.

# "Untold Legend of the Batman" #2

Year 13: Event ? - Dynamic Duo - Escapes from one of Eivol Ekdal’s traps

When mobsters seek out a trap maker to trap Batman and Robin, they are not the only one wanting Eivol Ekdal’s services. Terrorists too, are in search of him.

The mobsters purchase an unbreakable glass cage. The plan is to lure Robin inside where he will be bombarded with extreme heat. When Batman opens the cage by cracking its safe-style combination dial, this will set off a second trap for opening the cage triggers an explosion large enough to kill both the trapped victim and the rescuer.

Robin is indeed lured into the trap, but as Batman attempts to rescue him he notes the combination is a clever mnemonic of Ekdal’s name. Despite the fact he is flagging, Robin realizes the intense heat will melt the adhesive holding the walls together and he kicks himself free.

Batman and Robin then capture both the mobsters and the terrorists who have already killed the evil Ekadal.

Dick shows his ability to think clearly in extreme situations.

# "Detective Comics" #361

Year 13: Event ? - Dynamic Duo - Capture the Riddler

Robin is the star guest at a Wayne Foundation event for under-privileged kids. When he presents the first prize, he discovers it has been replaced by one of the Riddler’s riddles. He and Batman decipher it and races to prevent the Riddler’s robbery but choose the wrong venue.

Later, the Riddler delivers a second riddle– a tac on Robin’s seat – a clue to his next robbery. This time Batman and Robin decipher it correctly but the Riddler still escapes.

The Riddler’s third riddle is his undoing, Batman and Robin capturing him and preventing a bomb from going off.


# "Detective Comics" #362

Year 13: Event ? - Bullied by Toughy Looms and rescued by Frank Reynolds

At school, Dick meets new student, Frank Reynolds, a very tall boy bussed into Gotham High. Dick suggests he and another new boy, Toughy Looms, join the basketball team. Frank agrees but Toughy bullies and strikes Dick stating he doesn't like rich kids.

Later, when Dick is alone, Toughy and his friends attack Dick. Out of nowhere a hooded figure leaps to Dick’s aide, dealing with all three of the thugs by throwing them up in the air with considerable strength.

Realizing the hooded figure was Frank and knowing that Toughy will have realized this too, Dick changes into Robin and stops Toughy and his friends when they are beating Frank up. Frank runs off.

Robin follows and discovers Frank attempting to stop a mugging. Robin intervenes and Frank reveals the reason he has extra strength is because he is wearing an experimental exoskeleton created by his father.

High school was not easy for Dick.

# "Batman" #192

Year 13: Event ? - Dynamic Duo - Saves Bruce but is electrocuted himself.

Bruce Wayne receives a letter ordering him to perform a simple task at a specified time. To ensure the order is carried out, the letter is sealed with a special gas that not only forces Bruce to obey, but also to keep him from talking about it. Despite his best efforts to stop the compulsion, Batman complies with the order to tell Commissioner Gordon to turn on his radio at a specified time.

However, Robin notices Batman's strange behaviour and reconstructs the letter. He arrives in time to stop Gordon from turning on the radio that was rigged to kill him. Gordon then enters a trance, just like the one affecting Bruce. Batman and Robin follow and prevent Gordon from triggering the death of John Kobler and Fred Tinney.

While Batman and Robin have stopped each death, Tinney gets away. Batman returns to the Batcave knowing that Bruce Wayne is Tinney’s target, but he is unable to tell Robin due to the hypnotic suggestion. Instead he writes a will for Robin that contains a clue to the connection between himself and the other potential murder victims.

That night, Dick defuses a bomb meant to kill Bruce Wayne, and discovers the will written by Bruce in the Batcave. Quickly he deciphers the clue written into the will which leads him to Doc Hastings, the villain behind the murder attempts. A man who wants Gordon, Tinney, Kobler and Bruce dead.

Dick checks Bruce’s schedule and discovers he is intending to speak on television on behalf of the Wayne Foundation. Rushing to the TV studio in the Bat-Copter, Robin lands on the roof where he spots Doc Hastings through one of the windows. Smashing in after him, he attempts to stop Hastings from activating the deathtrap he has set for Bruce: a lethal electrical jolt from the microphone stand Bruce is to speak from.

See below.

Another example of Dick's willingness to sacrifice himself to save Bruce.

# "Detective Comics" #366 & 367

YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* Various Dynamic Duo stories

* Batman Full Circle

* List various early Titans stories

# Attends Doom Patrol Wedding (Doom Patrol)

* Being famous and rest of Titans Year One story.

* Batman: Fortunate Son

* Robin Cycle

* Batgirls debuts - See Batgirl Year One and Batman Chronicles #9

* DC Halloween Special 2009 - Batgirl and Robin dress as Superman and Batman

* BAt-Girl debuts with a huge crush on Dick.