Year 12: Event 1 - Robin meets Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, Speedy and Aqualad

While there is no story I can find that shows these five met before they officially worked together, it must have happened because in "The Thousands-And-One-Dooms of Mr. Twister" it is clear that Wally, Garth and Dick have already met and in "Teen Titans: Year One" it is just as clear that they know Roy well and at Acquaman's wedding, Dick certainly knowns Donna. So, at around twelve years of age, Dick must have met each of his future colleagues. No doubt this took place at JLA Headquarters.

None of the others would know Dick's identity at this stage, though I'm sure Batman has told Dick the identities of his new friends.


# Nil

Year 12: Event 2 - Robin shows Kid Flash the Batcave

Robin sneaks Kid Flash into the Batcave and shows him around. This is a big step and shows the trust Dick has in Wally.

At this stage, while Robin has clearly met The Flash, this is the first time Kid Flash has met Batman face to face. He has probably seen Batman from afar at JLA headquarters but never up close and personal. Wally doesn't know who Dick is, as seen through him calling him Robin despite them being alone. Having friends like Kid Flash was really important to Dick's social and emotional development. Dick grew up with close friends he trusted fully... something that had been absent from Bruce's life with the exception of Alfred and Dick. The only problem with putting this meeting here is the reference to the villain Quilt. This is someone Robin faces with Batgirl. We will just have to accept that Robin faced Crazy Quilt on a previous occasion to the one when he and Batgirl work together.
# "Flash" #210      

Year 12: Event 3 - Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad join forces against Mr. Twister

Robin is invited by the teenagers of Hatton Coners to speak on their behalf. The kids have been having difficulty with their parents. When Robin arrives he discovers he isn't the only one who has been invited. Kid Flash and Aqualad too have received invitations. The trio set out to help only to discover all of the children in the town have disappeared.

The man responsible is Bromwell Stikk... the second Mr. Twister. Stikk's ancestor, Jacob Stikk, leased the town to the Colonists for the price of a feather from a Passenger Pigeon. Each year, the town had to pay Stikk's family with a feather. The practice is no longer followed and Bromwell Stikk leaves town to live on Goat Island. While there, he discovers a Native American cave and an old Shaman's medicine staff. When Bromwell dips the staff in a special brew, he discovers that he can control the forces of nature. With his new powers, Bromwell becomes Mister Twister and returns to Hatton Corners to take revenge on the people that spurned him. He demands payment of the feather of a Passenger Pigeon that was never given to his ancestors. Due to the Passenger Pigeon becoming extinct in 1913, the mayor is unable to pay. Mister Twister punishes the town by summoning a tornado that whisks away the town's teenage populace. Upon enslaving the teenagers, Mister Twister brings them to Goat Island where he has them erect a twister-shaped stone tower in his honor.

Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad head off to Goat Island to find the kids. Kid Flash manages to erect the tower for the children, as Aqualad summons a large whale to move the island. Robin goes in search of Mr. Twister but is defeated.

When Mister Twister discovers the island is not in its usual location, he causes havoc in Hatton Corners. He manages to subdue Aqualad and Kid Flash but dismisses Robin as a threat because he has no powers. Robin uses his Batrope to knock the staff out of Stikk's hand and proves to everyone (in particular Kid Flash and Aqualad who had underestimated Robin) that powers aren't everything. Mister Twister is taken into custody and the children are reunited with their parents.

Dick's natural leadership shines in this story as does his intelligence. This is the first time these teens worked together. In "Titans: Secret Files and Origins #1", Donna tells the story to Lian. See below.

Love Lian's reactions.


# "Brave and the Bold #54" and "Titans: Secret Files and Origins #1"      

Year 12: Event 4 - Robin attends Aquaman's Wedding

Batman and Robin are invited to Aquaman's wedding. Garth is excited and exuberantly welcomes Wonderful Girl, Kid Flash and Robin as his 'best' friends. The trio are taken back by this as they basically barely know Aqualad. Kid Flash points out they've only worked together once before. Aqualad is crushed and runs away. He is ambushed, captured and tortured by a villain wanting to harness the powers Garth will develop in adulthood. Robin, spots clues and leads Aquaman, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl to rescue Aqualad. Afterwards, Robin apologises for their initial reaction and the kids get to know each other a little better.

Again, Dick's natural leadership shines in this story. The author shows the kids are already toying with the idea of becoming a group, but nothing comes of it at this stage. It is interesting to note that while Green Arrow is at the Wedding, there is no sign of Speedy.


# "Brave and the Bold #10", "Aquaman #18" and "Aquaman" 4 part mini      

Year 12: Event ? - Teen Titans Officially formed.

This is a huge event in Dick's life. He has natural leadership abilities and it is through working with The Teen Titans that these develop. Also, for the first time, Dick has real friends. Friends his own age who understand a little what he is going through maintaining a duel life - being both a normal kid and the sidekick of a hero. Dick's friendship with Donna, Wally, Roy and Garth develops into an unbreakable bond and no matter what happens in each of their lives in the future, they are always there for each other.

When the Teen Titans form, Dick is still 12. His friends probably believe him to be 13 at Batman's instruction. Hiding Dick's identity is paramount and lifting his age is just one of the precautions Batman has insisted upon. At some stage, Dick will tell the others of this deception, but not yet.

This is Dick's first (but far from last) meeting with Antithesis. Antithesis becomes one of Dick's most revengeful villains obsessed with destroying Dick - reprisal for this first meeting. The embarrassment of being defeated by a child is one this villain can never move passed.

# "Teen Titans: Year One" #1, 2, 3 and "Teen Titans" Vol 1 #53

Year 12: Event ? - Teen Titans called in to deal with the Separated Man

Teen Titans are contacted by kids from Midville for help. Each of Titans' mentors express concern at the idea of the youngsters taking on cases on their own but all give their blessings. However, each offers advice and warnings not to bite off more than they can chew.

So, with their mentor's blessings, Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad and Kid Flash race off to confront the Separated Man. Together they combine and successfully take him down and then, with the job handled successfully, they to head back to working with their mentors... until the next time other kids are in need.

This was the Teen Titans’ first case as an organised team. They have decided to focus on assisting kids in need... kids helping kids.

It is important to remember when reading all of these early Teen Titans stories that they were written in the 60’s and have dated considerably. If you can look past all of the ‘groovy’s’, ‘Wonderchick’ and ‘cools’ you can still enjoy these early stories.


# "Brave and the Bold #60"

Year 12: Event ? - Dynamic Duo - Solve the case of the moving armour and save opals.

When medieval suits of armour mysteriously begin moving about the museum at the same time as rare black opals are on display, Batman and Robin investigate. The pair is attacked by the suits of armour which turn out to be controlled by powerful magnets. The Dynamic Duo trace the opals to the museum curator who has stolen the opals to sell on the black market.

Later, Bruce takes Dick to see the opals on display.

The Dynamic Duo in action.


# "Batman" #172

Year 12: Event ? - Solo Case - Captures the Flower Gang

When Batman races to answer an urgent call from the Justice League, Robin is left to deal with a group of thieves to leave flowers at the crime scene. Robin soon realizes the flowers have hallucinogenic properties. He tracks down and captures one member of the group and then takes on the remaining three, convincing them that Batman is with him by rigging a rock to smash through a window on cue.

Robin successfully captures the entire gang and received praise from Bruce for completing a solo case.

Dick's work with the Titans seems to have increased Bruce's confidence that Dick can handle things on his own.


# "Batman" #172

Year 12: Event ? - Teen Titans clear the Singing Group 'The Flips'.

The Flips, a new teenage rock 'n' roll trio who use gimmicks to add to their act Jack – a trick motorcycle, Joe – a special surfboard, and Jill a baton. The Teen Titans are each huge fans and rush to assist their favourite group when they are accused of robbery.

Despite the Teen Titans best efforts, they are unable to clear the Flips and in fact, appear to have revealed that the Flips are indeed thieves despite the fact the members of the group claim no memory of committing the crimes.

The Titans put pressure on Robin to come up with a way to prove the group innocent. Naturally Robin comes up with an ingenious plan.

When a second group of Flips rob the takings for the charity concert, the ‘real’ Flips appear and apprehend them. Of course, it isn’t the real Flips, but Aqualad, Kid Flash and Wondergirl in disguise. With the crooks defeated, the Flips put on their show and both they and the Titans are hailed by teenagers everywhere.


A nice story that highlights Dick as a strategist and detective.


# "Showcase" #59

YET TO BE FINALISED. Below is a list of events I intend adding.

* Various Dynamic Duo stories

* Original Wrath Child - Batman Confidential 13 to 16

* Dick Grayson meets Barbara Gordon

* Teen Titan Cases helping other teenagers.