Year 1: Event 1 - Dick is born on the 20th of March

Mary Elizabeth (Lloyd) Grayson gives birth to a beautiful little boy - Richard John Grayson. She nicknames him 'Robin', because he was born on the first of spring. This nickname proves particularly appropriate as he is an energetic child who never stands still. (See Dark Victory) His father (John Frederick Grayson) and mother shortened Richard to Dick.

Dick is born into a circus family, his parents acrobats who were married under the Big Top. Both John and Mary grew up in the circus. John was of Romani heritage - the circus in his blood - and Mary's grandfather ran away to the circus.

Dick has no known biological extended family but the Circus is an extended family of its own. A list of these people can be found in the "Key Friends/Family" part of the Biography section.

We are led to believe Dick's first year of life was filled with love and happiness. There are several dates given to be Dick's birthday. The DC Super Calendar 1976 marks Dick's birth as November 11th. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dick's birthday was said to have been in the week before Halloween - so 24th to 30 of October. In Robin Annual #4 and Nightwing: Year One we are told it is the first of Spring - 20th of March in the northern hemisphere, which is the one I selected. (Robin Annual #4 1995 and Nigthwing: Year One - both by Chuck Dixon)

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