NAME: Richard
ALIAS: The Hero Batman
Alternate Future - Dead Earth
Creators: Writer - Alan Grant
Artist - Brian Apthorp
APPEARANCES: First and only - "Shadow of the Bat Annual" #4
CORRELATION: Name:     Personality:     Role in Batverse:    
Description of Earth/Universe:
The following is taken directly from the comic - "The universe is dead. All galazies and nebulea and constellations are gone by the inexorable march of billions of yhears. There is no light, no darkness, no matter. In the infinity of space there is nothing at all... not even memories. Somewhere, the last star still glimmers, a dying candle in the face of eternity."

This story provides an alternate future for the universe.

Character - Friends and Family:
"King Bruce Wayne.
Master-at-arms, Duke Alfredo.
Prince Robin.

Character - History:
The story is ‘odd’ to say the least. It is told by the ultimate ‘evil’ one. One who has lived many lives and who has won the final battle, defeating ‘good.’

As this entity reflects, he watches a battle on the last surviving star. Here, there is a city called Nu-Gotham, the last place to fall against the evil one’s hordes. The city is defended by their King – Bruce Wayne who is known as “The Hero Batman”. .. or so it would seem. In fact, Bruce is a coward and unbeknown to all, his retainer Richard is the one who wears the Batman costume and who goes out each night to defend the city.

When the city is threatened by the evil one’s warriors, it is Richard who goes out and fights. Sadly he is injured… perhaps killed. There is no confirmation he is dead, but certainly, he is badly injured.

It is then that the faith of king’s son, Robin, gives Bruce the strength to put on the uniform and to challenge the evil’s one’s head warrior to one on one combat. Ultimately Batman wins.

There is little told about Richard apart from the fact that...

(a) the king trusted him and asked him for advice.

(b) That he was brave enough to wear the hero costume to defend his city.

(c) That he was prepared to keep the king's secret by pretending to be Bruce... even so far as to wave to Prince Robin when the boy calls out to the Hero Batman believing it to be his father.

So, is the Richard or this world a version of Dick? He shows total devotion to Bruce, to justice and to defending the innocent in his city… so the personality fits. He wears the Batman costume and defends Gotham wearing it when Bruce can’t/won't – hence, place in the Batverse fits. His name is Richard - so yes, I think it is fair to say this is an authentic version of Dick in this universe.

There is one other question to ask. Is the king’s son also Dick? See my review of “Prince Robin”.