NAME: Redbird
ALIAS: Agent R
Elseworlds - Civil War
Creators: Writers - Elliot Maggin & Alan Weiss
Artist - Alan Weiss
APPEARANCES: First and only - "The Blue, the Grey and the Bat"
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Description of Earth/Universe:
Elseworlds groups all stories that fit outside of DC Comics regular continuity. It allows writers to experiment with characters without affecting the main continuity. Some Elseworlds stories have been amalgamated into Multi-verse as separate earths.

This story takes place during the American Civil War.

Character - Friends and Family:
Friend: "The Bat" - Colonel Bruce Wayne.

Family: Redbird's mother and father were killed by Robert Arnold Armstrong.

Character - History:
This is Batman and Robin fighting for justice during the American Civil War. Colonel Bruce Wayne, at the request of Abraham Lincoln, is sent to recover millions in gold and silver which had been destined to support the war effort. Bruce is told that the President has one agent already in the area whom he trusts completely. That is Agent H. This is later revealed to be Wild Bill Hickok.

Col Wayne uses the disguise of 'The Bat' to put fear into others and to allow him to do what is needed without bringing judgement on others. When he first arrives he makes contact with Agent R... a half Indian boy known as Red-Bird. Red-Bird wears war paint in the shape of a Robin mask. He insists on wearing this until he gets his revenge for the death of this parents. Now, this may or may not be Dick, but considering his story etc. I believe this to be a genuine version of his character in this Elseworlds story.

Red-Bird and Batman work together, Red-Bird rescuing Batman several times. Unlike the Dick Grayson of Earth 1, Red-Bird kills the man who murdered his parents. There is a nice moment between Batman and the boy as Batman supports him following the incident.

Later in the story, Red-Bird again appears when Batman needs him most. However, he is shot as they try to escape. Batman refuses to leave his side, saying "I'll be proud to die in your company". Thankfully, help arrives in time. In the end, Batman insists Kit Carson provide medical care for his friend and comments, "Red-Bird, you look better without the warpaint."

This character shares enough of Dick's history, personality and relationship with Bruce, for this to be considered a true version of Dick Grayson in an alternate universe.