NAME: Unknown
ALIAS: Darkbird
Alternate Future - Dead Earth
Creators: Writer - Doug Moench
Artist - Vincent Giarrano
APPEARANCES: First and only - "Batman Annual" #20
CORRELATION: Name:     Personality:     Role in Batverse:    
Description of Earth/Universe:
The following is taken directly from the comic - "Earth is dead. Those who once might have called it home are long scattered to the endless stars. But in the scattering, on a thousand worlds, by a thousand different ways... Earth's greatest legends still live on."

This story provides an alternate future for Earth.

Character - Friends and Family:
"Bat-Man - Bryce Gawain.
Alfred - Faithful attendant to all.
Warden the City's official crimefighter... who looks remarkably like Commissioner Gordon.

Character - History:
In the future, set in a domed city ruled by a government that mind-controls its citizens on an unnamed planet, an old man spins tales for a group of children who are unwittingly being groomed for re-education. The fables revolve around the mythological "Bat-Man", and his younger partner "Darkbird" who resided on the once-thriving planet Earth. Each story surrounds a moral imparted by the old man to the children as a way of subtly warning them against their own government's sinister plans.

After the children are sent to the re-education center, the "old man" reveals himself as a Batman cyborg working with a resistance movement. He saves the children and takes them beyond the dome to a free land before returning to continue his work with Darkbird at his side.

Is this Dick? It is hard to tell. There are a few clues.. The symbolism of Bat and Bird is strong. Darkbird wears green, red and touches of yellow... the same colours as Robin. He is Batman's younger partner. While there is no mention of Darkbird's history, we do get a glimpse of his personality in the scene below.

Just look at that smile. Only Dick Grayson enjoys his work that much. :)

So, Darkbird ticks two boxes - personality and his role in this Batverse. I think that's enough to claim him as a legitimate version of Dick.