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I want to tell Dickís origins... the beginning of his journey with Bruce. I want to stress from the beginning, this is my interpretation. It is not cannon. The story has been told and revised a dozen times officially in comics. Every time there is a Crisis series things change. Originally Dick was eight when Bruce took him in. I think this is essential to the establishment of their relationship. Dick was a child. He grew to view Bruce as a father... not just his mentor and guardian. One of DCís versions had Dick as old as fourteen when his parents die. It changes everything. A fourteen year old child doesn't bond with others in the same way an eight year old does. I was really pleased to see the new "Young Justice" cartoon uses the original version stating that Dick was about eight... but I digress.

My Dick Grayson Genesis Series is my interpretation of what happened and why. It is how I see the characters. You may agree, or disagree. That is the fun of fanficiton.

Mary and John Grayson are pretty much just names in the comics. We know so little about them. Just that they died. Often they occupy one panel in a comic book... a single image showing them falling. That's it. I want to flesh them out so we know who Dick is. Pop Haly is another name that is mentioned in comics as the man Zucco threatened. I've tried to make him a real person. The other characters are well known and represented in comics. Alfred, Vicki Vale, Commissioner Gordon etc.

I hope you enjoy my series.

"Chronicle One: The Last Moments of Innocence"
Jan 2011, Aussie Nightwriter.

SUMMARY: First story in my 'Dick Grayson Genesis Series". A dreadful tragedy is repeated bringing together two orphans and setting in motion a journey that will change both of their lives forever. Bruce visits the circus and is horrified when his own tragedy is repeated for another child.
Character Focus: Bruce, Alfred, Vicki, Captain Gordon, Pop Haly, John and Mary Grayson and Dick
Rating: For Everyone
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Disclaimer: I acknowledge that many of the characters and settings used in my story belong to DC comics. I write about them because of a love for them and claim no owership of Dick Grayson, his friends and family nor of the settings borrowed from DC universes. No infrigement of copyright was intended and no profit has been made from this story... so, please don't sue me. It wouldn't be worth your while.
© January 2011 Aussie Nightwriter. : This relates to the creative property in this story. The distinctive way the story unfolds, the new characters, specific dialogue and unique situations are mine.

"Chronicle Two: Lost Boys"
July 2011, Aussie Nightwriter.

SUMMARY:   Second story in my 'Dick Grayson Genesis Series". Dick must face the loss of his parents but he does not face it alone.

Character Focus:   Bruce, Alfred, Captain Gordon, Leslie and Dick

Rating:   For Everyone

Length: WIP