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Teen Titans
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Issue 0
Nov 2012
Scott Lobdell
Brett Booth
"Red Robin"
Story Arc:
Official Summary:
Focusing on the origin of Tim Drake; how a would be Olympic star and computer genius went on to become Batmanís third Robin.

What did I think? Incredibly disappointing for anyone who loved the unique and very close relationship between Tim and Dick. Dick has been totally omitted from Tim's origin.

Originally, Tim entered the Batverse because he was there the night Dickís parents died. It was that night he saw Batman for the first time. More than that, Tim was a part of the Robin journey from that first dayÖ even if no one knew it at the time. The inexplicable bond between Dick and Tim is built upon this. Tim saw Dick do his quadruple somersault. He saw Dickís parents fall to their deaths. He saw Batman swoop down and then he saw Robin do the same quadruple some months later.

While this story preserves the fact that Tim sort out the role of Robin... orginally it was after failing to convince Dick to take the role back. In New 52 Tim seeks out Batman following the change in Batmanís behaviour after the death of Jason. Originally, Tim sort out Dick because he believed Dick as the solution to the problem. Tim only auditioned to be Robin after it became very clear Dick would not return to being Batman's sidekick. All of this builds a relationship between Tim and DickÖ and now, it has been erased.

Timís personality in the New 52 is totally different to what it was. Originally, Tim was satisfied to take on the role for a set period before he planned on going back to his original life. He was just going to do his time and then step aside for the next Robin. This New 52 story is all about Tim forging his own path. In other words, it is the exact opposite. This Tim is so self-absorbed he canít see passed what he wants. Yet again, I have to wonder why if they wanted to change the characterís personality to this extent, why they didnít simply create a new character because there are little to no remnants of the Tim Drake we all know.

Of course, there is also the fact that Tim was never Robin... selecting the name Red Robin. Not to mention the fact his real name isn't Drake. With each 0 issue I read, the more I am convinced the only way to accept the NEW 52 is to convince yourself it is happening on another Earth in an alternate world - Earth New 52!

Dick is mentioned twice in the story.


I agree with Bruce's assessment above. In New 52, Tim and Jason do seem to have a lot in common. Both saw Robin as a role to fill. Dick saw being Batman's partner as an adventure. He created the role... a role the others wished to fill.