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The Power Company: Manhunter
Nov 2002 (One Off)
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One off
March 2002
Kurt Busiek
Dan Jurgens
"A Well-Respected Man..."
Story Arc:

The story is set in Kenya with Nightwing is on the trail of a stolen plutonium shipment from one of the former Soviet states. The trail leads him to mercenary Kirk DePaul, who's linked to a number of highjackings in Africa.

Nightwing tracks the wealthy DePaul and confronts him about plutonium. DePaul attacks and Dick realizes there is something familiar about him. He asks DePaul about the name, Paul Kirk. It is clear the name means something, but DePaul denies any knowledge and departs.

Later that evening, Nightwing, who is on the trail of the plutonium, is confronted by a costumed DePaul who has taken on the role of Manhunter. Dick is incensed having known the first. It is clear to Nightwing that DePaul is a clone of Paul Kirk. Again DePaul attacks and Nightwing notes immediately that he is a meta-human… genetically enhanced with increased strength and invulnerable to knockout gas.

Nightwing does well not to be killed, ending up in the water. Dick continues his search for the stolen plutonium, defeating the band of criminals only to discover the plutonium has been stolen from the criminals.

Later, Manhunter appears, revealing he was paid to steal the plutonium by the band of criminals and then decided to double-cross them. He gives Nigthwing the plutonium, claiming he is doing it because it suits him, not because he is trying live up to Paul Kirk's memory. Nightwing watches him go, suspecting that this Manhunter is too proud to admit doing good makes him feel ‘good’.

A fairly average story for Nightwing. Basically he is used to introduce the new Manhunter and show readers he has a heart. It is Manhunter's book, hence he is able to beat Nightwing... though the book actually focuses on Nightwing. At least the author pointed out that Manhunter is a meta-human.