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Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis on Infinite Earths
Feb 1999 (One Off)
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One off
Feb 1999
Robin - Earth-D
Marv Wolfman
Paul Ryan
"The Untold Story"
Story Arc:
Crisis on Infinite Earths
Crisis on Infinite Earths #4
Crisis on Infinite Earths #5

Barry Allen goes back in time to warn of the impending doom, but ends up on Earth-D. Here, the Crisis on Infinite Earths is spreading. The Justice Alliance, which includes Batman and Robin, are doing what they can. Help arrives in the form of the Earth-One heroes, Batman and Nightwing two of them. In the end, following the deaths of many of the Earth-D heroes, including Robin, the remaining heroes come together to make their stand.

In this story we are introduced to the Dick Grayson of Earth-D. He is positive, light and puns beautifully. The character is really well-written and is popular with all of the heroes, many very protective of him.

The Batman of this world comes from an entirely different place to our Batman.

So it would appear Dick is Bruceís biological son. If not, Bruce has married and Dick is now calling this person mum. We also learn that Bruce has two other children. The question is, who? Considering the time this was written, Iím guessing they need to be a combination of Jason, Tim or Helena.

The final comment by Earth-D's Batman is profound. "I hope when the time comes, you have someone to say good-bye to." Our Batman is forced to face the fact that while his counterpartís focus is family and that is his motivation for everything, our Bruce's is not... or is it? It would have been nice to see a simple glance to Nightwing - his son - at that moment, for we know that Dick is in fact the one who keeps Bruce human.

Sadly, the Dick Grayson of this world is erased as part of the Crisis in front of his fatherís eyes. It is very, very sad. Here, I would have loved to have seen our Batman comfort the Earth-D Batman by admitting, he has sons too... and maybe even to have seen Dick's reaction to seeing himself erased.

Before he dies, Robin has this exchange with our Batman which provides a wonderful insight into both Dick and Bruce.

Our Dick Grayson (Nightwing) interacts almost exclusively with Starfire. However, there is a lovely scene between the two Dick Graysons that captures the innocence of the younger Dick... an innocence and enthusiasm that our Dick used to display at the same age. It is sad we didn't get more interactions between these two.

This is a wonderful story, but then no one should be surprised. It is written by Marv and he has truly captured the spirit of Dick as he usually does.