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I have provided scans of the pages Dick appears in. The text is too small to read... this is deliberate. The purpose of the scans is to show other fans the scope of Dick's role. If you want to read, you will need to buy a copy of the comic... and support DC writers and artists.

JLA 80-Page Giant
July 1998 to Oct 2000 (3 issues)
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Issue 3
Dec 2003
Robin & Nightwing
2 panels
D Curtis Johnson
Dale Eaglesham & Steve Scott
"Part 2: Surprising Gains"
Story Arc:
When the Justice Leaguers begin to remember the Moon Maiden, a great heroine who sacrificed herself to save all reality from the evil Centurian, the World's Greatest Super- Heroes realize that a crucial piece of history has somehow disappeared. But the more they recall about this dire event, the more danger there is that the world-shattering evil may return!

Dick appears as Nightwing but is affected by Centurian's time manipulations and changes back to Robin... removing Jason altogether. Why? Once Raven is removed, the Titans never existed and so Dick never became Nightwing. I'm not sure I agree with this. I believe Dick would have grown up and become his own man with his own identity regardless. Then again, in Earth-2 Dick remained as Robin so I guess I can accept it.

Not sure if this is Dick or not.