I have provided scans of the pages Dick appears in. The text is too small to read... this is deliberate. The purpose of the scans is to show other fans the scope of Dick's role. If you want to read, you will need to buy a copy of the comic... and support DC writers and artists.

DC/WS Dreamwar
June to November 2008 (6 part mini series)
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Issues 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
Robin and Nightwing
Very minor
Keith Giffen
Lee Garbett
Issue 1: "Chimera Rising"
Issue 2: "First Strike"
Issue 4: "Resurrection"
Issue 5: "Bad to the Bone"
Issue 6: "Perchance to Dream"
Story Arc:
Official Summary
The Midnighter and Grifter. Zealot and Deathblow. Superman and Wonder Woman. Superman and Wonder Woman? In this landmark miniseries by writer Keith Giffen (52), Lee Garbett and Trevor Scott (MIDNIGHTER), the Earth is being torn apart. So when DC Universe heroes begin appearing in the WildStorm Universe, it seems at first they might be the answer to all the problems. Until it becomes clear that they might just be the reason for all the problems. And the Justice League of America doesn't know how they got here...or how to get back!"

Dick appears as Robin - a member of the Teen Titans. He appears as Nightwing on the cover of Issue 2 but there is no sign of him as Nightwing in any of of the issues so I'm guessing this was a bit of a stuff up. :) All in all, I found the story bizarre.