I have provided scans of the pages Dick appears in. The text is too small to read... this is deliberate. The purpose of the scans is to show other fans the scope of Dick's role. If you want to read, you will need to buy a copy of the comic... and support DC writers and artists.

DC: The New Frontier
March to November 2004 (6 part mini series)
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Issues 5 & 6
Very minor
Keith Giffen
Lee Garbett

Issue 5: "Chapter 10: Towards the Centre"
Issue 6: "Epilogue: The New Frontier"
Story Arc:
Series Summary
(Take from Wikipedia) New Frontier takes place primarily in the 1950s, and depicts the Golden Age superheroes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman meeting Silver Age characters the Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter. The story bridges the gap from the end of the Golden Age to the beginning of the Silver Age in the DC Universe. World War II is over and the Cold War has begun. The Age of the Superhero is in decline. Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, who survived the anti-hero sentiment of the Cold War, as well as eager newcomers like test pilot Hal Jordan and scientists Barry Allen and Ray Palmer, team up to defeat a threatening alien presence on Earth.

Dick appears as Robin. His first meeting with Superman is classic and I love the way the author has captured his innocent youth. Superman asks "What's with the sidekick?". Bruce's response - "As for the boy... well, I guess we're just two lost souls who found each other." Yep, that's how I see it too. Robin appears again in Issue 6 but only as images.