I have provided scans of the pages Dick appears in. The text is too small to read... this is deliberate. The purpose of the scans is to show other fans the scope of Dick's role. If you want to read, you will need to buy a copy of the comic... and support DC writers and artists.

Countdown to Infinite Crisis
2008 (One Off)
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One Off
One Image
Geoff Johns; Greg Rucka; Judd Winick
Ed Benes
DC Heroes (Chapter 2)
Story Arc:
DC Countdown
(Taken from wikipedia) The main plot concerns Ted Kord, the superhero and former Justice League member known as the Blue Beetle, investigating the theft of funds from his company that has left him nearly bankrupt. Most of the other DC heroes dismiss Kord's concerns, either politely or outright. Only Booster Gold, another superhero and Kord's best friend, eventually decides to help complete the investigation, but before he can he is seriously injured by an explosive trap.

Alone and unaided, Blue Beetle continues to follow the clues to Switzerland where he infiltrates the castle base of the Checkmate organization. There, he confronts Maxwell Lord, who is revealed to be using his Justice League files and Batman's satellite, the Brother MK I, to keep an eye on the superhero community, which he considers a threat to the human race. After Beetle refuses to join Lord, Lord shoots him in the head and kills him.

Dick appears as Nightwing in one image. This is the cover that led many to believe the rumours that Dick was going to die in Crisis.