I have provided scans of the pages Dick appears in. The text is too small to read... this is deliberate. The purpose of the scans is to show other fans the scope of Dick's role. If you want to read, you will need to buy a copy of the comic... and support DC writers and artists.

Batman: Family
2002 (8 Part Mini Series)
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8 Part Mini Series
John Francis Moore
Rick Hoberg
Part 6: Machinery
Part 7: Precipice
Part 8: Blackout
Story Arc:
This story takes place following the Batman Murderer story arc. Bruce returns to Wayne Enterprises only to find his directors want him to step down. Fearful of what may happen to the company, Bruce hands things over to Celia Kazantkakis, an old friend of his mother. Naturally she turns out to be the big baddie in a very predictable story.

Meanwhile, Batman is facing a new host of villains who are coordinating their attacks and targeting members of the Bat-team. Whether this is a good story overall or not matters little to me. What stands out is the fact that Nightwing is portrayed as incompetent. First he is defeated by a villain called Mr Fun and would have died but for being rescued and resuscitated by Batgirl. Second, when he has the opportunity to take Mr Fun down, he fails and Black Canary steps in and does it for him. Dreadful representation of his character. Even the ending when Bruce says that while Athena's network was expendable to her, each member of the Bat-team is a vital part of Bruce's fight for a better tomorrow and he's proud to have them at his side. Yet, the title of this series is "Family" and there is no sign of the fact that Tim and Dick... and Cassie if she has been adopted at this stage... are indeed his family. Honestly, if you are a fan of a competent Dick Grayson or the idea that Dick is a part of Bruce's family, give this one a miss.