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America vs
The Justice Society

1985 (4 Issues)
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Issues 1 to 4
January to April 1985
Dick Grayson and Robin (E2)
"America Vs Justice Society"
Roy and Dann Thomas
The series was set on Earth-Two and began with the discovery of Batman's diary (The pre-Crisis Earth-Two Bruce Wayne had been murdered by a criminal named Bill Jensen prior to this adventure as indicated in this story) which indicated that the Justice Society was guilty of treason during World War II and conspired to cover-up their treason after the war was over.

The group is put on trial and their history is reviewed. All the historical adventures involving the JSA are remembered.

Dick (Earth-2) appears as both Dick Grayson and Robin. He is conflicted through this series but his loyalty to Bruce shines like a beacon. In the end, he is instrumental in proving the JSA innocent revealing that Batman's diary was created by Batman to be used to catch a criminal in the future. At the end of the story, Helena (Bruce's daughter and Dick's adopted sister) reveals that Bruce was dying of Cancer (one must assume brain cancer) and that it was the Cancer that caused his hostility toward the JSA. However, that part of him that was Batman was able to ensure justice was done... with a bit of help from Dick. (g)