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All-New Batman: Brave and the Bold
January 2011 to... (14 Issues so far)
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Issue 13
Jan 2012
Sholly Fisch
Rich Burchett
"Batman Dies at Dawn!"
Story Arc:
Official Summary Batman is seriously injured, so it's up to a whole team of Robins to stop the League of Assassins! How? The Phantom Stranger reaches through space and time to gather everyone who's ever been "The Boy Wonder," but will their combined skills be enough?

Detailed Summary Most of the story takes part from Dick's perspective. It starts with Nightwing thinking about how long he has known Roy as he and Speedy battle the Royal Flush Gang. Speedy comments on Dick's change of name, asking what's wrong with "Robin". Dick responds with he's grown up and that Roy should try it. Roy counters with the fact he likes the name "Speedy" and what else could he be called? "Red Arrow". :) Very enjoyable.

Phantom Stranger then appears out of thin air and says Nightwing is needed. The pair disappear leaving Roy to clean up.

The next scene shows Batman unconscious and a room full of Robins. Tim, Jason, Damian, Steph and Callie are all present and clearly confused. Phantom Stranger has brought them from the past, present and future believing that no one Robin would be enough to save Batman's life.

Phantom Stranger: "Batman has many powerful allies. Yet, in the most desperate situations, he always turns to Robin." Very insightful statement.

Stranger explains that Batman was shot saving a family in Crime Alley. Due to the location and similarity to his own tragedy, Batman threw caution to the wind and was fatally injured. Phantom Stranger has placed him in a state of limbo - between life and death. The Robins have until morning to save him.

Dick steps into the role of leader with ease. Jason is shown to be arrogant and Damian his usually corrosive self. Callie's character isn't given much of a role. Steph is shown to be emotional. Of most interest is Tim's total trust in Dick and Damian's faith in him. When Dick orders Tim and Steph to stay with Batman, Steph immediately complains and questions, but Tim understands Dick and states that Dick has left them there because of how much he trusts them.

Dick, knowing what to do, takes the other Robins to locate the Lazarus Pit conveniently located in the very mountain they are in. They come up against Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins and we see each of the Robins fight in their own particular fashion - as seen through Dick's eyes.

He notes how different they are... and yet how similar. "Despite all of our differences, though, we have one very important thing in common. We were all trained by the best. so, whatever the odds, when you put all of us together, we're unbeatable!" Wonderful feel-good moment.

Ra's appears and informed by Tim of what is going on, he stops the assassins and leads the group with the unconscious Batman to the Lazarus Pit. Batman is placed in as the Robins watch on. As Batman revives, Ra's says triumphantly that while Batman has been revived, the pit will have driven him made. All Robins but Dick are horrified. Dick, showing unparalleled faith in Bruce, offers his hand and Batman's response, "Thanks. I knew I could count on you." For me that says it all. The relationship between these two has always been based on total unquestioned faith and loyalty and this was shown beautifully.

A wonderful story that is well-characterised showing the different nuances of each Robin's character.

Art - I really enjoyed the art. It is clear and quite expressive for this particular comic genre. :)