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Why is a timeline necessary? Basically itís not. Ages are less important than relationships in my opinion. However, while a timeline in itself is unimportant, understanding the character means understanding the key events in his life. The question of course is, what are they?

Creating a timeline for Dick is at best impossible and at worst crazy. Basically, to do a Ďrealí timeline, you would have to create several Ė one for each of DCís periods.

(a) Golden Age
(b) Silver Age
(c) Bronze Age or Pre Crisis on Infinite Earths
(d) Post Crisis on Infinite Earths
(e) Post Infinite Crisis
(f) The New 52 or Post Flashpoint

Why do you need so many different distinct timelines for one character? Because Dickís life is revised, refined and changed in each one. For example, take something like why Dick ceased being Robin - a significant milestone in his life. We have him shot by the Joker and sacked... or simply growing up and leaving the nest... or sacked because he was spending too much time with the Teen Titans. Each time DC reboots its universe, elements of Dickís life change, sometimes significantly.

So, back to my initial question. What are the key events in this characterís life? The most correct answer is, it depends on the period, which really defeats the purpose because we may as well be speaking about six different characters. We could simply go with what is current, but it changes so regularly it makes your head spin. As someone who loves this character, I desire a deep understanding of him... of knowing what makes him tick and why.

For this reason, I have created one single timeline (what Iím calling A Fan's Fundamental Timeline for Dick Grayson ) that attempts to blend all important events in this characterís life, taking key incidents from each of DC's distinct periods. Please note, two important points here. This is a time for fans of this character. Iím not trying to make it work for anyone but Dick. In other words, this timeline has been created incorporating significant events I feel define Dick - regardless of period or of timelines for other characters.(Of course, I'm excluding multiverse and Elseworlds)

Collin Colsher has done a brilliant job of creating a living chronology for Batman on his "The Real Batman Chronology Project". Absolutely incredible. The man is beautifully obsessed and I mean that as the highest praise. :) I highly recommend reading this blog. I should point out that what I'm doing here is a little bit different. Collin looks at what is current and identifies what past events are officically still in continutity. I'm looking at Dick, looking at the events and stories of the past 75 years and deciding which ones define this character I love so much. What gives me the right or says my views are correct? No one. This is simply my opinion.

I need to pause and comment on the current period Ė post Flashpoint (The New 52). It is still very early so it is hard to tell how much has been 'officially' retconned. Dick is supposed to be 21 so it has taken some fancy 'condensing' of years... and still he comes out at 22. Originally, I had Dick as Batman (when Bruce was lost in time) at the age of 25, but in light of New 52, I have had to make him 21. This has meant that everything that happened from when he first became Nightwing (age 17) to where we are at present, took place in a super-condensed space of time.

There are a few things you need to accept for this Fundamental timeline concept to work.

1. This timeline needed a starting point and I decided the murder of Dick's parents and becoming Batman's partner needed to be that point. Everything else will be built around this key event. But when did this happen? So many ages (between 8 years and 15 years) have been provided in the numerous origin stories. The difference between being 8 when your parents die and being 15, is monumental. I have decided Dick was eight. Why? Well, to put it simply, it provides more time for all of the wonderful stories he's been invovled in. If he was 14... or even 12, it provides less time and fitting everything in would simply be impossibe.

In "New Teen Titans" #39 1984 written by an authority on Dick Grayson, Marv Wolfman, Dick sheds his Robin identity. When he does he says....

As Dick's life leading the Teen Titans is such an important aspect of who I believe he is and eight years old gives me maximum amount of time, this has become the fundamental marker on which the rest of the timeline will be built.

It is important to not that this is not the only reference to Dick being eight. In "Gotham Knights" #21 Dick tells the man whom he believes may be his grandfather that he has known Bruce since he was 8. Of course, this story is written by Devin Grayson, a huge fan of the Teen Titans, so I'm guessing she referenced this age from Marv. :)

2. Some story lines and events simply don't fit and have been left out of the fundamental timeline. Think of them happening in parallel universe.

3. Some story lines and events are deemed by me to be so out of character or awful, I have not included them. For example, much of the storyline leading up to Issue 100 of "Nightwing" the solo series, is removed. Reasons are given in the non-continutity section, but most Dick Grayson fans will know what I'm talking about.

4. Elseworlds and multiverse are not included... because they are not 'this' Dick Grayson.

5. As stated above, Post Flashpoint is difficult. It would certainly be easier to simply view The New 52 period as an alternate universe. The only way I can add what is currently happening in comics is to super-condense time between when Dick first became Nightwing and now.

6. This is an experiment - a work in progress. It may work. It may not. I'm having fun regardless so we'll see where it takes us. :)

7. You need to remember at all times that this is set in DC Universe - a fictional universe. I have come to the conclusion that while DC Universe has 12 recognisable months in its year, each month has at least triple (up to 10 times) the number of days in it. Seriously, if you can simply accept that, then a fundamental timeline like this one has a chance of working (that and the fact that comic book characters have the most amazing recuperative powers. )

8. This fundatmental timeline would be greatly enriched by the ideas and views of other Dick Grayson fans. If you have some feedback, comments, ideas or particular stories you feel need to be included, please email me. (Don't bother attacking, flaming or telling me I'm wasting me time. I just delete those emails.)

Dick Grayson's Fundamental Timeline

My Fundamental timeline includes a description of all events in Dick's life in some sort of chronological order along with my attempt to assign definitive years.

Please Note: I'm adding things as I verify and review Dick's appearances so this is likely to be a work in progress for many, many, many years to come. As we know very little about Dick's early life, there isn't much on the pages covering Years 1 to 7. Years that do not have active links do not have anything on them... yet. Some pages only contain a loose list of items I intend adding. As stated above, this is a work on progress... and I'm enjoying myself immensely :)

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Non-Continutity - A list of major events that simply don't fit an amalgamated timeline or which I have not included because I deem them out of character or just plain awful.

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